Sony: 'Final Fantasy XIII' Going To XBox 360 Creates 'Jump Ball'

Stephen Totilo writes:

"At E3 last week I talked to PlayStation marketing man Peter Dille about a range of topics, the first of which, naturally, had to be the announcement by Microsoft that the formerly PS3-exclusive "Final Fantasy XIII" was also going to debut on the Xbox 360.

Did the announcement hurt Sony? I asked, and he said…"

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Omega43796d ago

He right that GTA didnt boost sales and the chances are FFXIII wont either now that its multiplatform, but the only losser here is Sony since if they had remained exclusive the PS3 would of got that boost in sales while MS would have got nothing now they both will just get nothing

Dark vader3796d ago

Yea but if you look at it its still not as bad as people make it seem. Cause Final fantasy is bigger in japan then in any other region. Its exclusive in japan for the ps3, so it will push some ps3 out in japan. And ff13 not being available in japan for the 360, is kinda like a nail in the 360 coffin over their.

jwatt3796d ago

People keep forgetting that FF versus is still exclusive.

Nitrowolf23796d ago

FF is the biggest game in japan
GTA was not, but it was big in US.
i think keeping FF13 exclusive to japan will def boost PS3 sales.

Kleptic3796d ago

^^haha boost sales?...thats an understatement...have you ever seen what happens to japan when an FF game ships?...

if by 'boost sales' you meant 'won't be able to find a PS3 for a month'...then I agree...

StayHigh3796d ago

Microsoft is paying everybody out..They dont want to lose to Sony again..FF13 will boost PS3 sales even if its on the 360..

World wide PS3 is just doing better..In the end Sony will still come on top due to alot of exclusive games..Also they need to do another price drop!!

dkp233796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

If FFXIII remained an exclusive, there would of been a huge boost in sales during the release. All the people that have just the Xbox who were waiting for FF(i am one of them) was holding out to get a PS3 once the game comes out. Quality or not, those xbox owners do not have to buy a ps3 to play anymore.

As far as the xbox sales, if there is going to be a boost, its going to be minimal unless the current ps2 owners that have skipped the generation so far decide to go xbox which could create a boost as well, but unlikely.

Not sure why people keep bringing up FF not being on the xbox in Japan...Everybody already knows Xbox is not going to gain the type of traction in that territory, so its really a non-issue that is undebatable, xbox is dead in Japan and releasing there serves no purpose.

thewhoopimen3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

having either platform have no sales boost from FFXIII hurts MS more than it hurts Sony. Microsoft is now the one footing development costs for FFXIII that will come out for SONY and MS (essentially paying for PS3's development). Here's another problem with MS's strategy. If FF does not sell well in the 360 (or has no noticeable numerical advantage) they will have to "pay" for FFXIV to come to the 360. Keeping in mind that MS does not have access to the Japanese market (one of if not the largest RPG market).

A true win for MS is if FFXIII came exclusively to 360. The fact that it won't affect any sales means that MS gave out free money and maybe slowed Sony's performance in the short term.

Nitrowolf23796d ago


i see what you mean
but by sellign out does that not boost sales?

Kleptic3796d ago

^^ haha yeah man...reading it again, I sounded more sarcastic than I meant to...

I was just pointing out that Japan turns inside out anytime anything FF is released...and that is FF specific, not console specific...the PSP getting that FF game a few months ago shot it to first place for several weeks...with massive sell-outs nation wide...which is in a country now dominated by Nintendo currently...

It just makes me really curious as to what exactly MS is trying to accomplish...they make hollow promises constantly about eventually penetrating Japan...which is laughable considering how poorly the thing has done there...this could have been a MAJOR device to get the 360 even considered there...while they did get a few other SE rpgs that will be exclusive to the 360 in japan, they didn't get the big one...and without the big one, very few will even consider buying another console for the other games...

with FFXIII coming to the 360 in japan, and keeping those other rpgs timed exclusive/exclusive or whatever...MS would have had a major advantage on the PS3 going into next year...for Japan at least...but they missed the most important part...which makes the entire thing seem pretty pointless...

sharing other PS3 games has not done anything to gain momemtum for the 360...its still being outsold...everywhere...weekly. ..the 360's WW lead over the PS3 has slipped from around 10 million to just over 1.5 years...Considering that there is no way that FFXIII will be bigger than GTAIV outside of Japan...and GTAIV didn't do anything to stop the PS3's momentum on the brings up the question again...what is MS trying to do?...taking the money they spent on this and investing it entirely to secure more first party exclusives for their platform probably would have been a much smarter long run decision...

IdleLeeSiuLung3796d ago

This is more of an emotional win for MS. MS is trying to turn the Xbox 360's image from a western centric and FPS only gaming console. In order to do that, they need an overwhelming amount of games that cater to the Japanese people and more so than Sony to convince consumers otherwise.

It would have little impact on MS shifting units, but will have a huge impact on PS3's perceived image. Many Sony exclusives are now multiplatform. In many cases multiplatform games sell better on the 360 due to the higher attach rate and larger user base. This proves to business decision makers to continue support for the 360.

Overall this is a huge win for MS marketing.

Nitrowolf23796d ago

god it will be like the Wii for the PS3 in japan when FF13 and FFversus13 hit.
someone in japan:"excuse me do you have any PS3 ins"
worker: "sorry we are sold out, but we have Wii's in stock"
Someone in japan: "why do i want a Wii, i want to play FF13 NOW!!!!"

okcomputer3796d ago


How exactly is this increasing the amount of available games that "cater to the japanese people", when ffxiii will still be exclusive to the ps3 in japan? Your comment makes no sense.

thewhoopimen3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

The only win i see in all this is Square Enix getting a paid ride to market into the Western market through MS. MS isn't getting a win on this because they still won't be considered a legitimate contender in the RPG space in Japan or Asia. (if that is their goal.) For MS to have a true win, they need to reach at least parity release date if not exclusive release. You won't be seeing FFXIII until late 2009 if not 2010.

This doesn't open new markets for MS either because new users can still go both ways with the PS3 or the Xbox 360 depending on their preference. All this strategy does is it stems the interest from existing 360 users from buying PS3s. Which is a profitless coup.

Megatron083795d ago

Well if you assume that you have the same kind of figures that you got from GTA4. Which he seem to think is what will happen the 360 out sold the ps3 version almost 2 to 1. Software sells are where Sony and MS make their real money. Cease they actually lose money on hardware sells till fairly late in the system life. MS is making money off their hardware right now tho cause they havent drop the price in ages. As for FF13 it might be big in japan but FF games are almost as big in american as they are japan and if you look at the total sells japan make up less them half the sells. So MS can still steal a large part of the market from them outside of japan.

BTW the ps3 out selling the 360 in Europe is a lie sony just happen to count places like africa as part of Europe to make their numbers look better

Bonsai12143795d ago

actually, Dragon quest is bigger than FF in japan. and nintendo has that tied up on the DS... so neither Sony nor m$ win

The Lazy One3795d ago

See, what you see is that neither console is going to get a boost. You neglect to see the fact that at the same time neither console gets a huge boost over the other, the PS3 will LOSE the boost normally received from FF.

That's an opportunity cost regardless of how you look at it. It's all relative. A huge guaranteed boost in sales was just negated essentially. with a better box being released for even cheaper this holiday, and probably another drop by the time FFXIII drops, it's hard to see people buying a PS3 for FFXII now. Sony's going to have to rely on it's other exclusives more than ever.

To say it didn't hurt sony is either ignorant or close minded.

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klashawnd3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

If you look at total installed bases, the 360 is still on top of the PS3 by millions. So any developer with a game coming out in the next year or so will see the 360 as a more favorable device for selling software and making a profit.

Once the PS3 overtakes the 360 or shows definitive and drastic trends towards doing so, then it will be looked upon more favorably by developers and they will shift their focus accordingly.

They will "follow the money" whereever it can be made.

This isn't a knock on the PS3 (I absolutely love mine), but this is the reality at the moment.

Dark vader3796d ago

Yea you are right! The 360 has about a 5 to 4 million lead over the ps3. If sony wants third party to look at their platform, they are going to have to continue gaining ground on microsoft. They already overtook them in two regions, now what is left is NA.

Omega43796d ago

Even if the PS3 does surpass the 360 and thats a big IF developers still wont shift focus from the 360 since it has a record breaking attach rate.

And while PS3 does outsell the 360 many poeple are buying it for a bluray player not a game machine unlike the 360, as even with a great title like MGS4 the game still didnt manage to break the 1m in the US

JVIDICAN3796d ago

actually, if you add the bundles to the mgs4 numbers it did sell over a million ;)

StayHigh3796d ago

They are only like 4-5 millions ahead of the PS3..Microsoft better step it up if they dont want the PS3 to catch up..

thewhoopimen3796d ago

Thats 4~5 million gap from 10 million a year and a half ago.

Dark vader3796d ago

Yes metal gear solid broke a million in the NA, NPD didn't count the game that were bundled with the ps3. Blueray player is a selling point for the ps3, you have to understand that if people buy it for blueray that still opens the door, for them to consider buying games in the future,thus expanding the market. Either way is a win win for Sony. People though that adding blueray to the ps3 was a big mistake, now one year later can you say it was a big mistake for sony to add blueray to the ps3? Paying 50 dollars more for the ps3 is well justify. If Sony lowers the price in the future that would just be a plus. But yes ill give you that the 360 does sell more software then the ps3, but ps3 version of gta is not far off to its 360 counterpart.

Omega43796d ago

GTA4 PS3 only came close to the 360 numbers because its a playstation game the fact that the 360 sold more is a clear sign sony have lost a lot of ps2 owners.

Not to mention this generation is only a stepping stone for MS, all they're doing is establihing thier brand and getting every major franchise on their console, because next gen Sony wont have GOW,Grand turismo (rumoured to be last in series) or MGS and will lack any real system sellers while MS can continue with thier fables,halo and gears

SUP3R3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Omega4 said: "because next gen Sony wont have GOW,Grand turismo (rumoured to be last in series) or MGS"


Dude I couldn't stop laughing at that statement. You have absolutely NO idea how the system works. Please don't say anything else that will more you look even less intelligent than you already do through that statement.
Don't mean to be disrespectful, but it's the truth. Thanks for the laughs though.

IdleLeeSiuLung3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

It is true that PS3 is catching up, but that is due to 1 additional market that is next to impossible for the 360 to compete in, namely Japan. To give a fair comparison I think we should remove Japan, as it is such an odd market with extreme national product loyalty.

Another factor is, PS3 momentum is in part due to the blu-ray player. Currently prices for stand-alone and PS3 is similar. A wise consumer would choose the PS3 due to the potential for firmware updates. I would almost never buy a stand-alone player since the likelyhood of long term support isn't there.

From a game developer studio, you want to see number of consoles as well as a more important figure. The attach rate. A console can sell gazillions, but if it isn't shifting games it doesn't matter.

Let take a look at the current state of consoles:

Wii: Highest user base, in the middle attach rate, cheap development cost and immense momentum that keeps going
360: Middle amount of user base, high attach rate, somewhat high development cost and strong momentum
PS3: Lowest user base, lowest attach rate, most expensive development cost and strong momentum (catching up with MS temporarily since this swings in both camps and is impossible to predict)

Ask yourself, who are you going to develop for as business decision maker? The 360 is here to stay! It is too late for Sony and they did too many mistakes. Sony might come in at second, but MS has already had a huge victory. MS achieved much larger install base at Sony's cost and received much better brand recognition among gamers especially in the US.

Dark vader3796d ago

You sound ridiculous, are you saying that grant turismo 5, (Which let me remind you is sony biggest first party exclusive and its a 1 billion dollar franchise) is going to be sony last grant turismo? Grant turismo was the highest selling game for the ps2, it even beat out the all mighty grant theft auto. And so your still making an assumption that sony wound have another AAA franchise in the works, that will replace those that they lost.

Dark vader3796d ago

First microsoft has not yet gain any market share, because they have not surpassed the original xbox install base AS OF YET.

second the only brand recognition that microsoft received was RROD.

third japan is not what you say they are, if you have forgotten apple is also an american company that sell million and nillion of ipod over there, and nike sell million and million of jordan brand sneaker over their.

fourth microsoft had an even bigger install base of 10 million only to see it cut in half.

Like i said before i do give you that microsoft does sell more software then Sony.

IdleLeeSiuLung3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )


1)I said what I said and you can twist and turn it any way you want. It doesn't change the current affairs. There are always exception to the rule, and you can point out those exceptions, but it doesn't change the Japanese culture. I suggest you do a little research on Japanese culture and mindset in business.

2) MS might not have exactly gained it yet, but they surely will over it's lifetime. Unless you are so naive to think they aren't going to sell 2-3 million more consoles in the near future.

3) MS has certainly received a much better brand recognition this generation than previous. RROD certainly had its effect and MS would probably be in a more advantageous position over Sony if they didn't f* up so much. That is an opportunity for Sony, but if sales speaks the brand didn't get hurt that badly considering what it could have done. The sales keep moving on and the 360 has had one (two if you count the temporary reduction) price cut in its life time. PS3 has seen two (and three if you count the temporary) price cut and it has been on the market for a much shorter time.

hfaze3796d ago

"Not to mention this generation is only a stepping stone for MS, all they're doing is establihing thier brand and getting every major franchise on their console, because next gen Sony wont have GOW,Grand turismo (rumoured to be last in series) or MGS and will lack any real system sellers while MS can continue with thier fables,halo and gears"

Back when the original XBox ended up in last place, I would whole-heartedly agree with you.

If Microsoft is truly looking at this gen in this light, then it has been one H3LL of an expensive trip to get there. How much do you think Microsoft's stockholders will be willing to gamble? If trends continue the way they have been since December of last year, then the 360 is headed for 3'rd place (just like the original XBox).

We're not talking about the Microsoft of the 1990's here (where from 1995 to 1998 I saw their stock shoot up to over $120/share and split FOUR times), we're talking about Microsoft in the 2000's (where the stock has not gone over $60/share since 1999, and is currently trading at $25.69/share). Investor confidence in Microsoft since the antitrust lawsuits has shown in their stock prices.

Microsoft will have to do better than a last-place finish this generation in order to make the XBox division look like a worthwhile investment...

thewhoopimen3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

That's the most ridiculous assertion if I've heard one. If Japan is the odd man out why is MS trying to get in? Where does 20-30% Sony's profit come from? Doesn't it mean something if McDonald's, Dennys, Wendys, Apple, Nike, and Adidas (all smaller companies than MS) have great success penetrating the market? All that means is that MS's marketing/sales strategy in Japan is critically flawed or underwhelming to the japanese public.

Yes attach rates are important but not if your market isn't growing at the rate your competitor's are. Let's take a quick look at how insignificant attach rate is over the life of a console. Ask yourself this... would you want 14% attach rate for 100 million users or 70% of 20 million. The numbers are the same at 14 million titles sold. But which one has room to grow? The obvious 100 million. With 70% you are looking at a saturated market with no more room for 20 million. With 14%, the problem is about how you failed to deliver interest in 86% of your respective console consumer and to figure how best to grow that number by at least another 5%-10%. Granted 70% is a beautiful number to reach... but why do you think Nintendo could care less about that number? B/c they will be the ones hitting 100 mill (at least in their minds and as current trend shows.)

Finally as numbers have shown and current trends prevailing, we will see the Wii at #1, PS3 at #2 and 360 at #3. The Us market is a large market but the European market is already bigger and Japan is definitely in Nintendo and Sony hands.

IdleLeeSiuLung3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )


MS is going in because Japan is a huge market that is important not only from a sales stand point, but also support from Japanese developers. That is at least how I would see it, if I was running the ship.

I'm not saying attach rate is more imprtant than user base or vice versa. Obviously, the only number that matter is the number of units sold. However, Sony at the moment is dead last with the least number of units sold and lowest attach rate.

Trends change really quick, just last Christmas nothing seemed to stop MS and now the PS3 is gaining momentum. Will this continue remains to be seen. What is certain is attach rate and units sold.

I think the ranking will be #1 Wii and the 360 and PS3 on even ground, due to Sony's strong brand recognition and 360's non-existant userbase in Japan.

Gamefan793795d ago

Personally, I see it never coming out on the 360.I see ms putting it out on the new 720 ,or whatever it will be called, It will be a lanch title for the new system in japan and America.2010,you know ms will have a new console.The whole announcement now is just a smoke screen to let people know it's coming to a ms system.Mark my words,This will be ms's twilight princess enough to finally penetrate japan at launch!

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Xheratuul3796d ago

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Pain3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

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PimpHandHappy3796d ago

has the most 1st party devs in the BIZ

a couple 3rd party devs making the move to go multi-platform is not a big deal...its not like PS3 owners dont get to play these games!

Kleptic3796d ago

sadly that is a very hard point for many to digest...

look at this generation so many 'exclusives' has the PS3 loss to multiplat releases with the 360 this generation?...FFXIII will not be as big of a deal outside of Japan as GTAIV...and GTAIV did nothing...that is what this article is about...the game may sell better, so good for SE...

but some keep saying how this is crushing to it isn't...these games helped Sony so much in the past because they were ONLY available on their system...MS isn't securing them for the 360 it does little to either system in terms of sales...

the PS3 is still outselling the 360 everywhere...its cut the 360's lead at launch by nearly 60% in just over 1.5 years...and thats with several of these multiplat announcements...I think MS likes these because they get so much attention more than anything...and like it or not...they are 100% defensive moves...this isn't MS 'attacking' Sony...this is MS attempting to prevent getting crushed by Sony much they get crushed is not known yet...but decisions like this does not give the 360 momentum on the all...

thewhoopimen3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

That was well put. That is exactly how I view it as well. Breaking exclusivity is a defensive move, completely stealing it and featuring it exclusively is an offensive move. MS is very much on the defensive and the momentum Sony is building shows this. The US sales gap has widened between Sony and MS this month due to sustained interest from MGS4's release in June. If Sony can deliver another great game (LBP is definitely a system seller) within the next month or so, that gap will sustain and grow itself. The best move that MS could make right now to stump Sony would be to steal LBP or break exclusivity for Sept.

I think FFXIII is too far away in the future to hurt Sony, considering the ball is already rolling in Sony's court this fall/winter.

Kleptic3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

totally agreed man...the 360 has been consistantly outsold for the 2008 in its biggest supporting territory so far...and what did MS announce at the, at least at one point, biggest industry event?...

they announce a sku-drop with price cut leading into it...and announce to 360 owners that they get to play another PS3 game outside of Japan what did Sony do?...they announced and showed exclusive game after exclusive game...that were without doubt the most impressive games of the entire show (LBP and Killzone 2 went entirely unmatched)...I own a PS3, and Sony pretty much gave owners of the system something to be excited about...Ms geared the show towards future buyers, or at least attempted to get more people interested...that is ALWAYS a sign that some execs are less than thrilled with the platforms current position...

its funny that many comment on how 'aggressive' MS is...this is not aggression if you think about...its clearly last ditch efforts to keep attention on your brand...sadly attention on your brand in the areas that its doing the best...

Xbox is still a territory specific name...Japan is a lost cause for the system obviously...and Europe isn't too far off for this is still very strong in the United States though...if I was a 360 owner though, I would be more frustrated than anything that they keep getting so excited about a shared release...and not investing in some first party game that would be guaranteed to not jump ship...