TGR E3 Hands-On: Far Cry 2 - "Nearly Limitless Options"

"The original Far Cry earned a mixed reputation at best when it debuted on the PC and Xbox a few years back. The Crytek shooter started characters out in a fairly open world, but eventually funneled them into a very specific path, all the while bestowing upon the player some nearly ridiculous feral powers that threw out every notion of game balance or good common sense. Now, Far Cry 2 is nearing completion, but with a new chef in the kitchen. Ubisoft Montreal has stepped in for Crytek, and the game they're crafting is far different than what we saw the last time around."

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predator3772d ago

After E3 Far Cry 2 has shot up my list

cain1413772d ago

I was never a huge fan of the first, but I will need to check this one out...