Final Straw: the End of Third-Party Exclusives

"I wasn't upset when I read that Final Fantasy 13 had become a multiplatform game. Granted it was one of the reasons I bought a PS3 over an Xbox 360, but really it didn't make me all that mad. As far as I'm concerned anger over video games is a staple for children and fanboys and I'm neither. If someone were to offer me an Xbox 360 tomorrow, free of charge, I'd take it and enjoy it without feeling any of the silly guilt so many people feel for "betraying" a company. After all, it is just a company. Whatever drive Sony, or Microsoft or Nintendo might feel to make me happy is firmly grounded in their desire to convince me it's a good idea to buy their merchandise. I'm smart enough to know that if they weren't in the business of making money they wouldn't care about me in the slightest, so when one of the big three does something, I tend not get angry at them."

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predator3745d ago

it's all about First Party now, Sony have a great bunch First Party devs and MS has some good ones to but MS need to strengthen there.

ash_divine3745d ago

probably so unfortunatly. but maybe as the cost for developing next gen games goes down they'll be revived. one can only hope at least.

cain1413745d ago

I have no issue with them going multiplatform as long as the quality is kept up... GTA 4 is a good example...

Relin3745d ago

I see the cost of current-gen development going down, but not enough to spark a resurgence of third-party exclusives. Unless you start talking about Arcade/PSN games, full retail titles are gonna need to start moving multiplat to stay profitable for a loooooong time.

Erasmus3745d ago

It just means more people get to enjoy the games, so why not? I'm sure this trend isn't over so I wonder what the next big 3rd party exclusive to drop would be.

cain1413745d ago

Apparently it won't be Mass Effect

PirateThom3745d ago

BioWare are owned by EA, I'd be very surprised if EA didn't port ME2 to PS3, reguardless of what Bioware say.

Viehfutter3745d ago

This obviously leads to the question of how much of a deciding factor exclusive added features like GTA4's (as of yet apocryphal) downloadable content will be in this period of declining title exclusivity. Other than that, all of the discussion surrounding the topic basically seems like a rehash of the similar furor surrounding the DMC4 announcement.