Game Vortex Review: Journey to the Center of the Earth

Shane Wodele reports:

''Being new to the DS scene, it's very hard to go from "next-gen" to the small screen. Even when I know that I'm not going to get the same quality out of DS titles, I can't help but feel extremely disappointed with Human Soft's Journey to the Center of the Earth for Nintendo's newest handheld system. The reality is that the 3D elements of the game (which entail about 90% of the gameplay) are bland at best, and terrible for any kind of small details.

While making your way to Earth's center, the 3D levels of this platformer contain too many of the same colors, sometimes making it difficult to distinguish differences in terrain, which in turn makes it hard to see paths sometimes (that, combined with the camera being zoomed in a bit too far). In addition, the graphics are extremely pixilated, making the backgrounds become washed out and the close-ups nothing more than a bunch of square spots on the screen. Some of the animal characters do look decent, but even the three main characters are a bit low on the polygon side, and have somewhat cheesy animations at times.''

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