Hellboy:The Science Of Evil PSP Review (The Gamers' Temple)

TGT reports:

''In spite of their simultaneous release, Hellboy: Science of Evil on the PSP has nothing to do with the Hellboy II movie. Science of Evil not only has its own original storyline, it draws upon the comics rather than the movie for its visual style. Sometimes being different is good, but not in this case. Science of Evil should have looked to the latest Hellboy movie (and to games that are actually fun to play) for inspiration.

Science of Evil didn't make a bad choice with going with a comic book look for the game. The environments look pretty good, as does Hellboy himself. However, the inspiration ends there. The story is bland and not at all well-constructed, often leaving you with little idea of what's going on or even caring. The scarce dialogs in the game that attempt to progress the story as delivered through static text and are devoid of voiceovers. Even worse, those conversations are incredibly bland, completely sapping Hellboy of his rich personality and devoid of any of the wit found in the comics or films.

Science of Evil doesn't do any better when it comes to gameplay. The game is essentially a third person action brawler with some platform elements thrown in. The gameplay follows the same basic script throughout the game: enter a new area, bash a large number of identical enemies until the barrier to the next area is opened, and then repeat the whole process all over again. When an area is cleared you can run around smashing things but there's no reward for doing so, so you'll soon give p this pointless practice.''

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