Sound & Vision gives PS3 BD Two Thumbs Up

Sound & Vision compared three Blu Ray players, the Samsung BD-P1000, the new Panasonic DMP-BD10, and the PS3. They liked the PS3 the best.

"Getting back to our trio of Blu-ray Disc players, my personal favorite was the PlayStation 3. This machine's picture and sound quality were nothing short of stunning, and its HDMI 1.3 connection and built-in Dolby TrueHD decoding give it a layer of future-proofing that the other players currently lack. I also appreciated its multichannel Super Audio CD playback and 60-GB hard disk for storing compressed music files. And even though I don't have much use for the PS3's gaming capabilities, I definitely got a kick out of Resistance: Fall of Man. The PS3's $600 price - several hundred less than the others - also goes a long way toward making it the Blu-ray Disc player of choice."

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DJ4362d ago

The PS3 is a superior blu-ray movie player over the $800~$1000 standalone players on the market. Looks like we're getting an even better deal than I thought.

Bhai4362d ago

The system is having killer-apps(and procedural synthesis based at that...WOW!) so early in the life cycle, almost full backward compatibility, motion control, blue-tooth, HDD, open platform OS support, cellular phone connectivity, PSP connectivity, gameplay recording facility and Blu-Ray disc support from the offset for HD movies WOW indeed !!!

Bill Nye4362d ago

When did PS3 Blu-ray functionality turn into an anti-American/racist topic? That is impressive.

not impressed14361d ago

blu ray player will become worhtless in the very near future for movies when hd dvd wins

FirstknighT4361d ago (Edited 4361d ago )

To bad Disc media will be a thing of the past in the near future. Everything will be downloaded. Once bandwidth improves and Terabyte HDs are the norm, Blue Ray and HD will be useless.

"The PS3 is a superior blu-ray movie player over the $800~$1000 standalone players on the market. Looks like we're getting an even better deal than I thought."

Unfortunatly HD-dvd players are alot cheaper and the quality of HD Movies are superior to Blue Ray Movies.
Movies are starting to come out for both formats and HD is looking better...

"...The system is having killer-apps"

Again, the list of 360 AAA titles outweigh the ones for the ps3. The 360 already has game of the year in GOW! Resistance is fun but not a killer app! Expect Lair to have similiar reviews to Genji and Dark Ages! BLue Dragon was just released in Japan and Lost Planet is a month away!!! The 360 has killer games coming out left and right while ps3 is still talking about the same games they been talking about for years: Motorstorm, MGS, Final Fantasy,etc...time for some new info on new games!

The ps3 launch is being called the worst in history. $600 for the worst launch in history? Doesn't sound like a good deal to me!

AuburnTiger4361d ago

By chance do you know who will be doing the "bandwidth improvements"....ISP's like comcast or adelfia. What's funny is customers expect these companies to install these internet2 lines free of charges. Basically don't expect this to happen anytime soon. Besides that, does anyone know how much they would charge for that service?

testerg354361d ago

Its getting better reviews as a player than a game console.

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