Mega Man Star Force 2 Review (The Gamers' Temple)

Kevin Hall reports:

''Mega Man Star Force 2 once again follows the adventures of Geo Stelar and Omega-XIS and picks up two months after the battles in the previous Star Force. To set up the story of this new one for you, Geo and his friends go on a trip and run into a mysterious man that sends out several viruses among the population and only Geo with the help of his partner Omega-XIS can change to Mega Man and stop this new threat. In all honesty, I never did experience the first Mega Man: Star Force so the whole experience was new to me.

From the beginning of the game, you are given a choice between "Zerker" or "Ninja" and Mega Man will eventually have the option to transform into either of these warriors later in the game. The extra player "Saurian" is available in place of "Ninja" if you happen to have the other version of this game. The game is set up like a normal RPG giving you control of Geo as he is free to roam around his current neighborhood and surrounding areas at some point in the story. Each area is split into two worlds - the real world and the Wave World. Geo can place a visualizer over his head at any time in order to view the wave world, though he cannot interact with it with just the visualizer. Interacting with Waveholes after finding them via the visualizer allows Geo to change to Mega Man and explore the Wave World. The Wave World consists of EM Waves (friendly ghost-like individuals), Viruses (enemies), and many new areas that can only be explored in that world. The Wave World is also the only place where random battles may occur.''

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