Guitar Hero Aerosmith Review (The Gamers' Temple)

TGT reports:

''I can't really say that I care all the much for Aerosmith, which makes me very qualified to write this review. The reason I say this is that if you're an Aerosmith fan you're probably already sold on Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and can't wait to pop in the disc and start belting out the tunes. For the rest of us who've never heard of tracks like Uncle Salty, it's a different experience entirely. Is it worth it for Guitar Hero fans to by the game even though may only be familiar with a third of its tracks? The answer is 'probably not'.

The gameplay itself has remained completely untouched in GH: Aerosmith. You still use a guitar controller to tap fret buttons that correspond to the colored notes that come streaming towards you down the screen. It's Guitar Hero, it's fun to play the songs, there needs to be another difficulty level between medium and hard. I won't go into all the gory details, for those read the review of Guitar Hero III because GH: Aerosmith is the same game in terms of gameplay, minus the annoying boss battles.''

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