GWN Preview: Mad World


''How many games are super violent by promoting the excessive use of blood, gore, destruction and removal of body parts and do all of this on the Wii? So far, only two have some of these traits, and those are Manhunt 2 and No More Heroes. Welcome the next and most brutal brother of the bunch, Madworld.

The premise of Madworld is simple: Jack, a hulking brute of a guy, is stuck in a TV gameshow called "Deathwatch". Like many a movie and TV show, contestants must kill, or stay alive, whichever you prefer, to win. Points are given out by how gruesome the kills are and how many you have and how you do it.

Using cell shading that's only black and white and red (for blood), Madworld looks great. On the Wii. It may well be the best way to vividly make games look artistic, stylish and good on the console, and it certainly compliments attaching victims to spiked walls or inserting street signs forcibly into eye sockets. Or cutting people in half, removing limbs or heads…it's pretty gory.''

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