Sony says non-exploding lithium polymer laptop batteries coming soon

You can bet Sony's got tons of engineers working on the problem of how to keep their laptop batteries from exploding. In a meeting with reporters on Wednesday, Sony Electronics president Stan Glasgow mentioned that laptop manufacturers are likely to switch from lithium ion batteries to lithium polymer sometime in the near future. The advantage of lithium polymer apparently is that the lithium is contained in gel packs, which can be squeezed into random spaces (instead of being cramped into compact cells), and thus apparently doesn't have the propensity to, um, explode.

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drewdrakes4062d ago

The term un-blow-up-able is thrown around a lot these days, but I can say with total confidence that they can do it.

Smellslikepie4062d ago

Of course they can. Only a small percentage of the batteries that THEY used were faulty (I'm going to try and skip past the amount of Dell and Toshiba batteries Sony did :P). I think it affected two models of their laptops. My Sony Vaio has been absolutely perfect.

PS360PCROCKS4062d ago

"Sony says non-exploding lithium polymer laptop batteries coming soon" Lol this headline made me laugh, not sure why...everyone rejoice, non exploding batteries coming! woo hoo! lol j/k

PS360PCROCKS4062d ago

Oh and yeah my friend has a Vaio and has no problems as well

tom15954062d ago

haha, i like the title

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