GWN Preview: Fracture


''One of the best parts of E3 was having my cameraman, who is a gamer and really, really wanted to come along with me for the convention, mind-numbingly ask "since when does Lucasarts make non-Star Wars games?" Ahh, sometimes the fond memories of blunt wit and denouncement don't leave so easily or peacefully. Too bad he wasn't recording then, or that he didn't dare think that Lucasarts was a game publisher too.

Fracture is another interesting outlook on how to change gaming in a more drastic way. Using weaponry that changes the ground to better help players progress and defeat enemies, that ground is your most important tool, weapon, and your best friend. If it were an FPS, sleeping on the ground could be more unsettling after playing.

The third-person shooter is all about a war between the Republic of Pacifica (guess which side of the US they're from) and the Atlantic Alliance, which is basically a recreation of Total Annihilation's story. For those who missed out on the game of the year in 1997, players are part of AA and have cybernetic implants. They are competing for dominance of the now split United States against the Pacificans, who have been genetically enhancing themselves. Albeit the Arm didn't change their genetics, but they were probably pumping some drugs to make them not wet themselves against the cybernetic Core.''

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