30 Reasons Leipzig Might Kill Off E3 This Year

E3 2008 was on the whole a rather lame affair. A lot of what was shown was great of course, but given the number of brilliant-looking games currently teetering perilously close to release, we got a miserable amount of content in terms of new unveilings. You've no doubt by now read a lot of articles questioning the future relevence of the show, and those articles have a good point, but we want to take a more positive angle on the whole situation.

You see, there is a great big hope on the horizon, and that hope is the Leipzig Games Convention, which happens next month in Germany. And these days it's bigger than the old E3.

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QueefyB3796d ago

sony will be attending so it is already a huge success

QueefyB3796d ago

they will officially unveil heavy rain so that is why they have already won leipzig

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3796d ago

heavy rain will make gears 2 look like a wii game

QueefyB3796d ago

i also heard the secret game a bbc reporter talked about will be revealed at leipzig this game is of course another playstation 3 AAAA exclusive

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3796d ago

The game is called The Protector and will be handled by Sony Liverpool and Sony Cambridgde

Nitrowolf23796d ago

next month will be great.
hopefully sony shows us some GOW3 gameplay along with M.A.G. gameplay.
allot of new stuff will be shown

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The story is too old to be commented.