GWN Preview: Dead Space


''An action 3rd person shooter, Dead Space is EA's entry into the horror genre of gaming which has thus far barely been touched. With rare exceptions, this has happened for good reason: making a compelling horror title is very difficult, and has thus far been mostly unsuccessful.
Dead Space does a few things differently from the standard slew of games.

Based around the story of a lonesome engineer on a mission to repair communications between mission command, if you will, and a deep space mining ship named "Ishamura". Sent alone into the dead of space, you find that lo and behold, everyone on the ship is dead. Not so much dead, but turned into horrible, terrifying creatures hellbent on killing you.

However, these monsters don't simply stop because you shoot them. They aren't human anymore, so headshots or bullets to the heart don't do the trick. Instead, players use what's called "strategic dismemberment", which is the art of removing limbs from enemies to kill them. The monsters aboard the Ishamura can't fight back if they run out of arms, legs and tentacles, and after losing so many fluids…well, you get the picture. Point being that attacking in a conventional way doesn't work on these baddies.''

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