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So I thought I’d give this a try and maybe learn a bit more about fixing cars, wolf whistling women and overcharging people - Writes Ferris Hall.

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neil3631264d ago

There are times when I wish I played games on PC just so I can experience all these simulator things.

But then I see Farming Sim and Goat Sim on Xbox One and am glad I'm out of it!

UglyGeezer1264d ago

Haha! PC gaming is the dogs gonads when it comes to diversity and creativity.

UglyGeezer1264d ago

Oh N4G and your thumbs down. Let me try this:

PC gaming is rubbish and has no choice of genre, consoles are much better.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

My mistake, dog balls aren't exactly enticing to me so I thought it was a putdown.

They each have their advantages

Ferrish071264d ago

I used to think "why?" when they came out but after actually playing them, they are a lot of fun!
I haven't gotten round to playing Skyscraper simulator just yet, I'm not sure if thats building them or just being a tall building.......

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Moldiver1264d ago

I would love a mechanic simulator mode in forza. just go into forzavista after a race and replace things like the cams and conrods and coilovers yourself after a race where you have taken heavy damage to the car. or during tuning.

The_Sage1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

This might be a language thing, but I have never heard of a conrod, or a coilover. What are they?

I wonder if it's like arse? A few days ago I pointed out that arse is not a word as it does not appear in the dictionary (ass does), and the disagrees went crazy. Goofy Spotie even told me that I need to expand my vocabulary, stupidly thinking that I don't know what arse means.

Moldiver1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Con rod= connecting rod. connects crank to pistons.

Coilover= all-in-one Shock absorber/spring combination.adjustable. prone to taking damage in serious crashes.

Just car nut terms, I guess! lol. Cars and music production are bigger vices for me than games!

The_Sage1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )


For some reason there was no option to reply to you. N4G is wired some times.... Anyway, I have never heard of connecting rods as conrods. We just call them rods here. Coilovers we still just call shocks.

Thank you for the information. I well keep it in mind so I will know what's meant next time I see it. Helpful bubble +

Psychotica1264d ago

Sounds about as much fun as playing with Turbo Tax.

Khajiit861264d ago

TurboTax is more fun for me... Love this game though, it gets old quick but its really fun while it lasts. Doesnt give me as much money as turbo tax and thats why TurboTax is more fun.