Leave game restrictions to parents, groups say

Albany, NY lawmakers are trying to get tough on video game violence, even though other states have seen their attempts to regulate the industry's content deemed unconstitutional.

The law would require video game consoles to have built in parental controls - even though consoles like the Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 already have them. The law also would create a 16-member advisory council charged with reviewing how effective the video game industry's existing voluntary ratings system are in identifying violent content and it would prohibit retailers from selling video games without ratings prominently displayed.

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thisguywithhair3800d ago

Are they still going on about this? Even if the law is passed and implimented correctly there will still be complaints about how violent video games are.

On top of that parents will still buy M rated games for their kids without knowing what they buying and then be appaled that such content is availabke to kids. When will people learn?

Besides, kids who have played more than a few video games know what they can handle anyways.