Gamervision Hands-On Preview: Lord of the Rings: Conquest


''I didn't expect to hear much about Lord of the Rings: Conquest at E3 this year, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw a playable demo on the show floor being manned by Jon Katz, associate producer of the game.

When I was handed the Xbox 360 controller Jon joked that it was essentially Lord of the Rings: Battlefront. Well, I thought it was a joke, but once I started playing I realized how truthful his statement really was. The game should be instantly accessible for anyone who has played the Star Wars: Battlefront series or any large-army game like Dynasty Warriors. There are several different character classes to choose from, ranging from rogue-like characters with the ability to stealth-kill, to warriors with powerful melee attacks. Of the classes I tried, the archer stood out, turning the medieval slaughter into a third-person-shooter and adding fire-soaked arrows to my arsenal.''

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