Microsoft Targets the Mainstream with New Xbox 360 Strategy

It's been a year and a half now since the Nintendo Wii launched and the little white console that could is showing no signs it's about to slow down. Competitor Microsoft, makers of the considerably successful Xbox 360, have decided the best way to match Nintendo's prowess in the marketplace is to simply mirror their strategy: rope in the casual gamer.

Nintendo's approach has been fairly simple: use easy-to-learn games, along with cutting-edge motion-sensitive technology, to convince people who wouldn't normally play video games that such activity can be accessible to the not-so-hardcore gamer. Though Microsoft isn't about to drastically change the way its system works (it won't be ditching that standard controller for a Wiimote), the company plans on adjusting the focus of its games in the near and distant future.

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MURKERR3795d ago

ask any 360 what game their looking forward to its gears 2

whats the best selling games on the 360? shooters

La Chance3795d ago


Anyway , yeah MSFT need to readjust their communication when it comes to 360.

They got stuff like MSN on the 360.MSN in France is HUGE and nobody even know that its on the 360.

PS3 has picked up speed while the 360 is still selling pretty much the same so they need something to boost sales on the long term.

MURKERR3795d ago

if your going to post a comment DO RESEARCH

best selling game on ps3 is not a shooter but MOTORSTORM

dunce hat for you

Bombomb3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

which one is still being played? cod4 or Motorstorm?

plus ms is trying to cater and broaden its marketshare, whats wrong with that?

the xbox 360 has a good share of rpgs frim the east and west and is getting to be more of an all around console with something for everyone.

"that whole zebra or leopard analogy is dumb and does not apply to this situation where you have to constantly evolve to stay in the game" it's like a father that works as a garbage man, telling his son you'll never make it to harvard.

ms is still ms but it is not an excuse not to not try something new.

ucantbanme3795d ago

Oh a racer.....Surly that is different than what Ms is offering?

ucantbanme3795d ago

Bomb - Ignore him,
He's just trying to bash MS. You would think that multi media device he has would keep him more entertain and not trolling MS news stories.

Xi3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

best selling ps3 titles
mgs4, gta4, resistance, cod4, uncharted, GT5P and Motorstorm.
most anticipated titles
killzone 2, resistance 2, lbp.

so thats 8 shooters.

where are all the rpgs that people bought the console for? there can always be a shift of direction for a console, however MS isn't targeting the mainstream, they're trying to broden their range, gears 2, fable 2 etc are all "hardcore" titles designed to keep the core user playing games, same goes for too human and the recently released ninja gaiden.

All ms is doing is making more casual and family friendly games to build their library, banjo kazooie, lips and avatars are all just an attempt to draw more of a crowd. I think that's a great thing, i can't wait to play a couple of those games, and also have something that my nephew can play if he wants.

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QueefyB3795d ago

as you can see there new venture is another flop

ConanOBrien3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

HAIL to Sony...

SonySoldiers3794d ago

hey don't mess with our brotherhood in SONY PLAYSATION THREE!!!! xturd die please

Pain3794d ago

PlayStation/Nintendo envy is a Bad medical Condition they should get Checked at a certified Doctor.

Millah3794d ago

Ripping off others ideas WORD FOR WORD, thats the Microsoft way. They've been doing it for 20 years now, they sure won't stop any time soon.

Its funny the comments Microsoft made about the Wii before it went on sale, about how its a flop and that "consumers don't want motion technology, we already did it with the Sidewinder controller" yet its funny how Microsoft is now eating those words and following exactly what Nintendo is doing.

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QueefyB3795d ago

nintendo and sony will be suing them so i hope they have a plan b unlike the hd dvd fiasco

QueefyB3795d ago

sometimes i wonder though what if microwaves and toasters could indeed run games would that mean we would see more happy and full of life xbots

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3795d ago

Only one way to find out.Go get your neighbors 360

QueefyB3795d ago

anyways xbox 360 players are very stupid so i can see them paying for a firmware update

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3795d ago

ah their broke from paying for gamerpics and themes

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