PS3 Fanboy hands-on: Killzone 2

Jem Alexander writes:

What can be said about Killzone 2? I'm not sure whether people are looking forward to it for its gameplay, or because it's a graphical powerhouse. If the latter, then people are going to be pleased -- this game is the most graphically impressive I have seen. Sure, the levels we've seen so far are very grey, with a hint of green, but this is permeated by the bright orange of the Helghasts' eyes and those glorious, glorious explosions.

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MURKERR3796d ago

are enticing its not just one or the other were greedy gamers dont you know!

LittleDozer3796d ago

look good. From the previews I've read, it's fun to play and watch.

cam20303796d ago

Gameplay and Graphics is what i'm going for, also the ps3 exclusive