Gamervision Hands-On Preview: MotorStorm: Pacific Rift


''It may be hard to believe, but the PlayStation 3's all-time top-selling title is MotorStorm. It's no surprise, then, that Sony made sure to incorporate developer Evolution Studios into its stable of in-house developers some time ago, thus ensuring a sequel for the series. At E3, we were lucky enough to sit in the ultra-swanky Sony Computer Entertainment America room and get a test drive of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. From what we've seen, the game is shaping up very nicely, with a lot of the first game's issues having been successfully dealt with.

Before we were able to get our hands on the game, we got to see a very friendly (and VERY enthusiastic) Sony rep guide us through a single-player race. While he played, he explained some of the game's new features. First off, Pacific Rift will include support for not only 16 players online, but four-player split screen action; something that the first game did not have but sorely needed. In addition, there is a new class of vehicle in the monster truck. As you might expect, this new vehicle is bigger and tougher than any other, but lack the speed of some of the smaller rides. Its size lets it take advantage of another new feature; the ability to use your ride as a weapon, slamming opponents into obstacles and each other. Our guide chose a motorcycle, however, to show off the new taunt animations, as well as its unmatched speed and acceleration.''

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