Gamervision Preview: Alpha Protocol


''Alpha Protocol has been on the gaming radar since it found itself on the cover of Game Informer a few months back. Since then, this modern RPG/shooter has become a highly anticipated title for gamers of all types, and during E3 I found myself sitting in a small conference room with Veggie Jackson and a few Obsidian employees playing on an Xbox 360. It wasn't long before we were both deeply interested in the tale of CIA agent Michael Thorton, and frothing at the mouth over what is sure to be a massive hit in 2009.

What I saw was a game that looked not unlike Bioware's recent RPGs, but with more of a focus on the action. With promises to make player's actions influence the game's story they had me interested, and with some examples and proof that it would actually deliver on that promise it won me over. The demo began with ur protagonist walking up to a marine standing guard in front of an embassy, exchanging some words and trying to charm himself into the building.''

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