Universal Studios to Make Video Games

Brutal Gamer writes:

"Universal Studios today announced that they will enter the video game market. They decided to make the move in order to work closely on tie-in movie games whilst getting rid of the outside publishers."

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BigKev453795d ago

Oh, no. Universal should just stick to movies and their parks.

fenderputty3795d ago

are going to be any worse off with them publishing or even creating them. They're already atrocious.

dude_uk3795d ago

maybe we'll get better results from movies made by their own movie's studios


WE dont need more games!

Monchichi0253795d ago

More companies developing games the better! Competition breeds better products!

Tomdc3795d ago

well I hope they can do it well =)

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Chuck Norris3795d ago

It's their money to spend.

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QueefyB3795d ago

so they will be exclusive to blu ray again this is great news

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3795d ago

Good for them.Competition is healthy and pro American unlike Microsoft and their policies such as monopolies and made in china crapware 360s

911 Gaming3795d ago

They've been partnered with games for a while, just like Warner Bros. [WB is making Project Origin, people]. But I'm not sure if anyone cares that they're developing an entire studio for it. Good for them. But they've already been a part of them for years (remember the Saturn? Think OLDER; but I've played some of their games on it; [I got my Saturn from my best friend who got rid of it to get an N64 because it was so horrible that he wouldn't play it anymore]).

Caxtus7503795d ago

yeah I did acknowledged that they used to publish games but in-house development is a recent venture for the business.

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The story is too old to be commented.