Newly Released Bloodborne ShareFactory Theme on PS4 Looks Great; Check it Out in Action

While the UI themes wyou see on Sony's console aren't always top-notch, the themes for ShareFactory are actually a whole different pair of sleeves. They are released much less often, but they normally look great.

Bloodborne's theme, which has been released today on the North American PSN, is no exception, and it's probably the best released so far, with some really lovely (and rather flashy) transitions that you saw in the game's trailers.

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MegaSackman1209d ago

Oh, didn't know it was free, cool.

Tdmd1209d ago

I've tried to find it from the ps4 and it was nowhere to be seen! :|

Tdmd1209d ago

Nope, but found it now. It was under sharefactor's add-ons. I was looking in themes or bloodborne add-ons.

Insomnia_841209d ago

About time!! They need to release more of those!

jeromeface1209d ago

It's a sharefactory theme.. not a system theme, fyi.