Gamasutra Q&A: The Tale Of Tale of Tales

It says a lot that Belgium-based indie development duo Tale of Tales can be seen, effectively, as an experimental outsider in the games industry simply because of the pair's focus on story-based, artistically motivated work.

By contrast, it is difficult to imagine what the film industry would be like if narrative works were substantially less popular than action-based films.

The studio, comprised of Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn, admit that this isn't even something that had occurred to them previously. In fact, they consider what they do an "extremely traditional approach," - at least from the perspective of other forms, like cinema and music.

But maybe they're used to being the outsiders at this point. Their favorite games are all at least five years old, proof that "a certain consolidation is happening where the big game companies are happy producing braindead toys for the masses." Indie companies, on the other hand, are "creating braindead toys for the cliques." The two members of Tale of Tales are probably not exactly gunning for the Christmas card list, at this point.

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