Splatoon might be the start of a more creative Nintendo

Nintendo’s franchise list is long and illustrious. From Mario to Metroid, Zelda to Star Fox, their heritage of creating fantastic games in long standing franchises is one for any video game developer or publisher to admire.

The sheer number of companies who have borrowed or copied ideas from the Japanese developer is too long to list. But in the last decade or so Nintendo have rarely made a big console game based on a completely new idea. It was almost as if any new creative spark was locked into an old idea and couldn’t break free from its grasp.

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FallenAngel19841264d ago

Nintendo had always been making new IPs every year or so. Its just many of them haven't reached the heights that their iconic classic franchises do.

iSuperSaiyanGod1264d ago

Agree , everything they do is "different" some good , some bad . But everything is creative they do . From the Wii remote to the Wii u game pad to the amiibo cards & just weird stuff they do.

PhoenixUp1264d ago

I could name several new Nintendo IPs in the last few years and people wouldn't even know they had existed

3-4-51264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

* Nintendo is one of the only video game companies that constantly tinker and try to find new ways to play games and have fun.

* They don't always succeed, but they are experimenting at a much higher rate than most other companies.

* This leads to some awesome games and also a few gimmicks a long the way.

But it lets the rest of the gaming world know if it can work or not, so I always appreciate that about them.

They are willing to take some unusual risks, that don't seem like they make sense until they do make sense.

* Also, Online gaming on the Wii U, for being Free, is surprisingly lag free and very smooth.

FallenAngel19841263d ago

To be fair Sony has also been making a lot of new IPs over the years.

And Nintendo Network while free is very bare bones compared to PSN and XBL

pcz1263d ago

''in the last decade or so Nintendo have rarely made a big console game based on a completely new idea.''

wii sports

wii fit

skyward sword (motion plus controls)



whether these games are good is debatable, but there is not denying they were all doing something that hadnt been done before.

so the premise for the whole topic is based on false information.

plus, splatoon is not even that 'creative' ..not in comparison to those other titles i listed. its just a shooter. it reminds me of something sega would make. it doesnt have the characteristics of a nintendo game

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Mega_Volnutt1264d ago

Nintendo is on the verge of creating a new standard for online games. The Giant has now been awaken. Microsoft, Sony, I woud be scared if I were you. I love HALO and always gonna love the Xbox but, Nintendo has done something grandeur here and it's just the beginning...Stay fresh my friends.

PygmelionHunter1264d ago

Come on now. Splatoon is quite innovative, but let's give credit where it's due. Its gameplay is what's so innovative (and addictive!) about it. It doesn't raise the bar for online focused games in general.

iSuperSaiyanGod1264d ago

Is it that good? I passed on launch day & just bought my niece the wave 4 amiibos . Is it worth picking up?

Whymii1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Yes. Enough said.

CaptainN1264d ago

Yes its worth getting...go out and get it !!

PhoenixUp1264d ago

Splatoon doesn't raise the bar for online games. It doesn't even feature voice chat, has very few modes, and doesn't feature a recording match system. Its not a trend setting online game.

wonderfulmonkeyman1264d ago

Splatoon has a few kinks that need to be worked out, but all in all I'm quite happy with the game so far.
It's sad that people ignore Nintendo's other new games, though.

Eejanaika1264d ago

im fine with that, what nintendo is known for

higgins781264d ago

I cant think of a more creative company, but its not creativity people want, sadly - myself NOT included. Look at the PS3.5 or XB1/360, people want more of the same. Yes, they ask for new IP's but when presented with such stick with tried and tested favourites. My WiiU library of games is incredible, creative and polished, AND I'm very picky in which games I buy.

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