ESRB Is Broken: How Is Hatred More Adult Than Mortal Kombat X?

One Angry Gamer "A lot of people were misled by the gaming media about the severity of Hatred. It's almost no different than how people were misled about #GamerGate by the same corrupt gaming media. The result is that Hatred was originally pulled from Steam Greenlight, personally re-added by Gabe Newell and then hit with the AO or Adults Only rating by the ESRB after all the controversy was kicked up over the game. But does the game deserve AO? Based on the content alone, no."

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Snookies121231d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. Hatred really isn't all that brutal, it's only AO because it's 'immoral'. In essence, judging from Hatred. The ESRB can rate games just based off the premise alone. Doesn't matter what the actual content is apparently...

spacedelete1231d ago

another is God Of War. Kratos goes on a murder spree over several games while also impregnating countless naked woman yet it gets away from AO rating. not defending Hatred as personally find it distasteful but ESRB need to start treating other offenders the same. theres obviously an agenda going on here.

FarEastOrient1231d ago

How is Hatred more "adult" than GTAV? Doesn't some of the stuff Trevor missions go pass than Hatred?

ThunderPulse1230d ago

ESRB is BS I just ignore the labels.

Christopher1231d ago

One is way more realistic, the other is obvious fantasy.

Kind of the same way that green splatter does not equate to red, gushing blood. It's about which one presents a more imaginary/fantastical world and which one presents a more realistic approach.

Bigpappy1231d ago

Sure is a lot of effort by some on this site to try and promote this game. I don't know if it is a good or bad game, but I refuse to support a game based on sensationalization of something like hated. There is enough of that in the world already. Don't have a desire to deal with more in my escape world.

HammadTheBeast1231d ago

The premise of Hatred is worse than that of Mortal Kombat. Rather than fantastical beings fighting for whatever cause they have, we have psycho killing people for fun.

I guess that's what the ESRB decided off of?

1231d ago
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Godmars2901231d ago

When it has an unfair amount of politically correct based attention on it?

Nonscpo1231d ago

If Violent AO rated games are allowed on Steam, then so should Pornographic AO rated games too!

Mulletino1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

As a parent I am more lenient towards allowing my young soon to be exposed to violence (ex. halo, marvel ultimate alliance, not mortal kombat... ) as opposed to sexuality because in these games you are playing as as combatants who are fighting other combatants (hopefully for a reason) as compared to playing as adults who are partaking in explicit pleasure.

Genova841231d ago

Oh no! Not pleasure! Shame on them!

Revolver_X_1231d ago

You'd rather your kid see something unnatural like murder instead of something natural like sex? Your the problem...

Mulletino1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

No one said anything about murder. I said combat. There is a difference. Your reading comprehension is the problem. Yep would definitely rather my son play halo than Big Earls Member Simulator.

BLuTheSecond1231d ago

Something tells Nonscpo is into those japanese pedo rape games.

No thanks.

Keep that shit away from civilization.

HammadTheBeast1231d ago

But murder simulator 2015 is fine?

Nonscpo1231d ago

Really! Games with characters that have giant tit's are pedo games? Oh well guess I can't play Dragon's Crown now, cant play games with mature female characters that have well endowed bodies :(

ERFO1231d ago

The main character in 'Hatred' remains nameless because the creators of the game don't want him referenced as an inspiration in the next, yet inevitable, shooting spree. This shit is real. It happens. The next time someone fires chain spears from his hands and then mid-air eviscerates someone in a food court, then bitch to me about Mortal Kombat.

'Hatred' was made because nobody had dared fo there, yet. It's natural that that end of the spectrum of our games be explored. But don't come off defending it like it DOESN'T deserve an AO rating.

WilliamUsher1231d ago

Back in 1997 Postal existed before Hatred. It's mentioned in the article with video footage for reference.

Hatred is neither original nor the first to go there.

ERFO1231d ago

I see what you're referencing. I was wrong on that point, yes, but I don't believe the game's are comparable. 'Hatred' is so much more real and raw. I feel as though 'Hatred' is the first game of its kind to push the button so squarely

wakeNbake1231d ago

This game blows anyways, why are we giving it so much attention just because the theme is "edgy".

2cents1231d ago

Sooner it drops off the radar the better.

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