Used Games, who do they help?

Dan, Joe and their special guests Martini, and Billy Z talk about Used games. Does the used game market hurt publishers and Developers, or does the used game market help reach out to customers?

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showtimefolks1267d ago

yes, first of all many can't afford to buy a lot of new games. so they trade/sell their used games to buy new ones. also sometimes we will pick up a game used much later after release for cheap because we am not willing to pay a lot for a game we don't know much about

used games have their place in gaming IMO

3-4-51267d ago

* Used games are great for discovering and trying out a series of games you've never played before, but maybe always wanted to.

It's also great for people late to the party, in that they can spend $100 and get 4-10 games.

showtimefolks1267d ago

Yes no doubt, like I said they do have a place in gaming. And used games help a lot of people who may end up liking the game and buy future games in the series and also may buy the dlc which in return will help the developers


No doubt lol help a lot of people who don't have huge gaming budget

Chevalier1266d ago

Another couple of reasons used games are good.

1) Push to offer more credit for preorders actually help Publisher sales as much as they won't admit it. Those pre-order numbers help the publisher too.

2) It keeps IP longevity going for longer spans. Just consider if you let an IP idle for years while the new game is in development and how being able to buy or rebuy old games while you wait keeps customers interested.

Lighter91267d ago

They help poor folk, like me and smart shoppers.

aquaticDonut1267d ago

Thanks to PC gaming, I can get games on the cheap and keep them! Helps me and the devs.

Menkyo1267d ago

They arent cheap cause you don't own them and your busy spending money on hardware.

gamer78041267d ago

It's about simple economics. It helps consumers retailers and publishers/devs. More money changes hands both directions. buying used helps the consumer and retailer. When a game is sold it puts money back into consumers hands who then have extra expendable cash to buy other gaming items accessories, games, gift cards etc helping out other companies in the gaming space. removing a market like used games just cause gamers to spend less or wait til much lower prices anyways.

freshslicepizza1266d ago

the market you speak of is not controlled, therefore there is no proof the money ever gets back to the people making the games. musicians can still survive by touring even if their music gets pirated because word of mouth may have a positive effect by a growing fanbase that will want to see them play live.

gamer78041266d ago

Thats very true, they could get less money back and spend it any any store, but that further stimulates the economy in general. Usually if its a gamer they'll ask for credit if its a gamestop, so that money would go back into gamestop and the general game industry in some fashion.

The music industry is a different beast, i agree. But i'd rather the developers innovate and give incentives for preordering or buying new. (good incentives not just a free gun or skin.)

1267d ago
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