15 big predictions for Microsoft's E3 2015 press conference


"So you've already had our E3 2015 predictions for Sony, which means that in the interests of fairness (and, you know, doing our jobs to a proper and complete degree), it's time for Microsoft. Now finally back on its feet after a very rocky new-gen start, MS is in a position to really impress this year. Brand new games were teased at the 2014 show, and we know that one or two big franchises are due to return sooner rather than later. But there's got to be more than that. So what will it be?"

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ff71001267d ago

Not a bad list, with some lols (xbox now) but personally I see Scalebound gameplay video stealing the show and of course halo 5.

Magicite1267d ago

Platinum are such a talented guys but making games for wrong platforms (Bayonetta 2 and Scalebound), they deserve more sales than that.

Kingscorpion711267d ago

Yeah Metal Gear Solid Rising by plantinum didn't sell well and it was on all console's

Sonital1267d ago

Oculus support will definitely be announced.

DialgaMarine1267d ago

I feel like a lot of these are jokes, but I don't think M$ can announce a "Xbox Now" service, unless they work around all those patents Sony bought recently.

Mikefizzled1267d ago

Microsoft have their own more experimental services in development. Project Kawahai and Irides. They proved they could stream Halo 4 from the cloud to a Lumia 520 (read very low end Windows Phone) in 2013.

RJ920091267d ago

Blinx 3 blinx 3 come on I want to play as I time sweeper again!!

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The story is too old to be commented.