It Takes 32 Minutes To Run Across Xenoblade X's Open World


I’ve spent a lot of time in the sprawling open world of Xenoblade Chronicles X, doing quests and just exploring. And given how much time I’ve spent running, that got me to wondering just how large the main continent was.

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Concertoine1293d ago

That was a great video, cant wait to play this.

Magicite1293d ago

when is this gonna be localized? WiiU is in dire need for retail titles, its sales been abysmal in latest weeks.

3-4-51293d ago

just stop.

Nobody believes your lies.

We get it. you hate Nintendo.

BLuTheSecond1293d ago

And it takes over an hour to run across GTA5's open world.....

Same with Oblivion and Skyrim.

Xenoblade is not really impressive.

wonderfulmonkeyman1293d ago

Compared to XCX, in those other games, you run at the speed of an exhausted cripple.
I should know: I own and love Skyrim. But it's already been proven that XCX's world is bigger, and the only reason he did it so fast in XCX is because he can run faster, he wasn't able to access the stretches of land over some cliffs while on foot which somewhat shortened the end goal area he could set, he took the shortest route and could jump far higher, and he didn't include going to the other two continents which means the whole world isn't accounted for.
Try again once you can do a logical analysis.

3-4-51293d ago

I another thread it states he actually took 30 minutes and it was only one of the continents.

Segata1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

BLuTheSecond. They run slower. GTAV is like 30 or so Square miles. R* claims 50 but it's not. Skyrim LOL please. That game is tiny. 15 Square Miles. Xenoblade was 30 on Wii! Xenoblade X on Wii U is a confirmed 150 Square miles. 5x the size of XB. Witcher 3 is 136. Top it off you can explore XCX world vertically as much as you can on the ground. So it's double the size that way. You can run pretty much every cliff even steep angles. No fall damage and fly in mechs to discover tops of cliffs or inside volcano's.

pcz1292d ago

cant wait for this game. xenoblade is possibly my fav game... ever. my remix of the mechonis field theme from xenoblade :)

marloc_x1292d ago

Your Wii U is out there pcz..

..waiting :)

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Neonridr1293d ago

wow.. that's a pretty big world.

eyeofcore1293d ago

I wish I could see it, but Kotaku is apparently dead.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1293d ago

If only the same could be said for polygon.

On topic: I wonder how big this is in comparison to the witcher wild hunt?

Maybay1293d ago

I also wanna know how the landmasses compare to each other.

Timesplitter141293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

all I know is 32 mins to cross the world is similar to DayZ in size

EcoSos31293d ago

Well he only ran through 3 areas not all five of them so it might actually take like 45 minutes to run it all.

JacketsNest1011293d ago

It would take way longer than 45 minutes, you forget that he would have to run through Oblivia, then partway through Primordia and into Sylvalum, into and through all of Cauldros, back through Cauldros and Sylvalum to Primordia, and lastly through Primordia to the end of Noctilum. At that speed the round trip from to Culdros and back would add at least another twenty minutes the overall time. Realistically you're probably looking at an hour minimum for that whole trip.

leemass241293d ago

so you're comparing walking to running ...... right got ya lol

_-EDMIX-_1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

lol yes, I know. Just doing some obvious trolling. I was looking for one with the fastest car but could only find a walking one lol.

Just 32 minutes, I see me getting bored at the bland landscape fast then. I mean...after 1 session of playing, I would have seen everything. Not really that exciting if you ask me.


Concertoine1293d ago

The running speed is pretty fast in XBX, plus he took the quickest route.

WizzroSupreme1293d ago

Man, this is as awesome as I hoped, then. Can't wait!

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