Retro review: Final Fantasy 6

Hello again everyone! It's been a while since we at Hackinformer have hit you with a retro review so here is one of our favorite games, Final Fantasy 6. It was oddly named Final Fantasy 3 on the SNES for name continuity, just like Final Fantasy 4.

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8BitBang959d ago

I have always enjoyed the original final fantasy games alot more. Maybe after this review you will too :)

Dabigsiebowski959d ago (Edited 959d ago )

People who played most of the Originals will always say they are the best games of all time. Final Fantasy VI is easily one of those and if you haven't played it then you would be doing yourself a huge favor. It really is one of the greats and the original art and code should be put in a museum!

Guy gave it an 8/10 but really this game is truly a masterpiece. I don't know if he took into account this game is now legally allowed to drink here in the USA but my god this game is truly amazing.

One of the best games ever made and possibly ever be made!

Snookies12959d ago

Everything about FF VI is incredible, its story, characters, art, world, music, game mechanics. It's one of the few games I can go back to and play over and over again, never getting tired of it. Such a masterpiece, I'm considering getting my friend to play it. He loved VII-X, but he never played VI before. Wonder how well he'd receive it.

WizzroSupreme959d ago

This is one Final Fantasy that I still don't have under my belt. Might give this a play this summer.

ss4gogeta069959d ago

I give it an 8/10 bc to me there is no 10/10. Maybe Super Mario World. With that said, I can't very well say I have a favorite FF above 6 and give it the same rating. Therefore, it gets 8/10. I love this game. I play through it once a year along with 4 and usually 7. I try to play 12 as much as I can since it's my fav but I don't play it as much as I like bc it's so long.

franwex959d ago

No 10/10? That's kinda sad, there's plenty of 10/10 games for me like Metal Gearl Solid, Smash Bros melee, super mario 3d world being a most recent.

I can't imagine not having a few 10s in your life!

rextraordinaire958d ago

The music of that game always opens the nostalgia flood gates for me. That simple world map flute theme has been in my head since the first time I played the game, so many years ago!