Tetris Ultimate For Playstation Vita is Out Now

Tetris addicts rocking Vitas can get a portable fix starting today, as Tetris Ultimate is now available for $14.99 via the PlayStation Network, or for $29.99 from retailers. The Vita version supports head-to-head competition for up to two players across nine modes, three of which are new:

Time’s Up – Race against time and get rewarded with extra time when you clear lines.
Haunted – The Tetriminos you’ve placed grow increasingly invisible as you level up.
Landslide – As the game levels up, the amount of “garbage” in your well increases, along with the speed of the game.

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Chaz30101266d ago

Hope they announce the European release date soon! Even though I've heard mixed reports on the PS4 version I would love to get this on the Vita!

GdaTyler1265d ago

I love Tetris, I've always wanted a really good portable one for years. I'll consider thinking about it.

nigelp5201265d ago

I give Ubisoft credit for showing the Vita love. Child of Light and this. They are not AAA games but more games on the Vita is better

MegaRay1265d ago

Agreed. But the price is a little high for this. Especially for a no-cross-buy game.

Ill buy the game first sale though