Is Metal Gear Solid 4 sole reason for Sony PS3 sales success?

Many people are talking about the sales of the Sony PS3 and that sales have boosted because of the major success of the exclusive Playstaion 3 game Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

The sales of the console boosted through the month of June, this goes to prove that Sony PS3 exclusives are a must for future sales of the gaming console.

If there are exclusive games many gamers will buy the PS3 console just for these games, like upon the release of MGS4 Sony released a sales bundle which was just for that game, this followed the man himself, oh yes Snake on his epic adventure.

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Wildarmsjecht3768d ago

Metal Gear Solid did help, but it wasn't the sole reason for PS3 sale success. Since 2008 begin, we've seen that the PS3 itself with what it offers has seen much better sales than last year and has been outselling it's direct competitor (by PR folk from both camp's own words) favorably. A price cut, although unlikely, would help out alot. It just shows that people want a ps3, but want it alittle cheaper. when titles like MGS4 come out though, they just gobble it up.

MURKERR3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

i'd put it down to

best exclusives
many exclusives
doesnt look cheap and plastic
basically value for your bucks!

Mr_Bun3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

I'd like to add..
HDMI 1.3,
upscaled dvd,
7.1 Audio,
Sixaxis (whether you are "for" it or not),
cheap upgradable hdd,
the ability to install a 2nd o/s without "hacking",
I know built-in Bluetooth was mentioned above but I wanted to emphasize that...

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3768d ago

Plus Uncharted,GT5:Prologue,Hot Shots Golf,Singstar,Buzz,Resistance, Motorstorm,Warhawk,Heavenly Sword,and Rtchet and Clank Future.

The Wood3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

free online and allowed to use non proprietary 2.5hdd's, Game sharing, Quality PSN games

Unreal013768d ago

Yeah, MGS4 helped the PS3 get that kick as sales numbers suggested. However, I believe the adoption of blu-ray and the expanding features and the free services of the PS3 definately had some part of it.

ericnellie3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Features on a game system only get you so far. When it's all said and done, consumers want games. If there were only 3 games available on the PS3, do you think anyone would buy it? Yes, MGS4 had an impact on sales...just like Halo 3 and Gears of War had an impact on 360 sales. That's why the loss of an exclusive game like FFXIII had the impact that it did...because that game had the potential to increase sales and demand for the PS3. Features and online or really good things but, in the end for me, it's all about the games - and what a damn good game MGS4 was!!! =)

el_bandito3768d ago

Since 1994, Sony had given me some of the best games I've played. Now after more than a decade, I still firmly believe Sony will not fail to deliver.

CrazzyMan3768d ago

x360 60GB version + 3-5 years of Live! = 500-600$.
PS3 80GB version + blu-ray player = 400$.

People are NOT dumb, atleast not all.))

Ateanboy3768d ago

"Sole reason."? Hardly.

I do, however, agree that exclusives can be a MAJOR force.
I guess it's a good thing that the PS3 has more exclusives than the competition. They said it time and time again on E3. "We can stand up there and say 'The PS3 has the most exclusives out of all the next-gen systems' and it is completely true."

All thanks to them investing their money into 1st Party Development, instead of using their money to buy off third party developers like Microsoft.

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Dark vader3768d ago

Sony needs to release more AAA quality titles to continue the mommentum that the ps3 riding right now. The title i see that will boost ps3 sale is lbp.

CAPT IRISH3768d ago

i doubt lbp is going to sell any consoles. lbp looks great, but people new to Sony most likely have never heard of lbp.

AlterEgo3768d ago

You're absolutely right, and thats why Sony MUST focus on ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT.

MARKETING is Sony's biggest problem and it will be KEY to the success of their titles coming this Holiday.

They definitely have AAA games coming soon and throughout the rest of the year, but who'll know about it besides the internet community?


Sackboy needs to become the Sony mascot QUICKLY for LBP to gain the mass-appeal it so deserves.

avacadosnorkel3768d ago

If Sony markets LBP (and Sony never markets much) I agree it will boost sales because it is a game that will appeal to an entirely new demographic for the PS3 - the entire family. It's a four player simultaneous platformer where mom and dad can spend an evening helping the two kids build a level.

Opportunity is there.

Dark vader3768d ago

If sony advertise the game correctly it should. lbp, metal gear solid, resistance two and the blueray drive should be enough reason for anyone to pick up a ps3. I think with more people learning about blueray and how it is the future replacement of dvd, it will be a major selling point for the ps3 this holiday season. the ps3 has more potential of becoming more mainstream then the 360 cause of the blueray player

kazuma3768d ago

i doubt lbp won't get good advertising, sure other good games didn't have that many ads (mgs4) but lbp is truly a gem this holiday season. creating levels with your friends online or offline is just plain freakin awesome. sony should hype this to no end, especially after lbp being featured in so many best of e3's.

getupahh3768d ago

LBP will move more ps3's than MGS4. It reaches a larger audience. All types of gamers will be charmed by this gift from MM.

This game "almost" doesn't need Sony advertisements. It will be a fantastic word of mouth game. Imagine creating your own level than showing all your friends and family. Once people see what your capable of doing in this game, they will most certainly spread the word.
This game has more potential than any other game I can think of. :)

Darrius Cole3768d ago

Sony needs more that just basic advertising for their games. They need strategic marketing. The ads they I have seen for PS3 games are plain. I contrast ads for X360 games appear to be aimed at making the character into icons and the story in the game bigger then life. For example look and ad entitled "Rendevous" for Gears of War 2 Microsoft is clearly trying to turn Pheonix into an icon.

By contrast, I did not see any type of iconic portrayal of Solid Snake for Metal Gear Solid 4, even though amongst gamers Solid Snake is a bigger icon than Phoenix or Master Chief for that matter. There were no theatrical advertisements for MGS4 even though MGS4 is by FAR AND AWAY the most theatrical game made this generation. That is what Sony is lacking. They needs ads the don't simply announce the game, but rather tell a story.

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Mr PS33768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Its part of Many Games that help contribute to the PS3's succsess

But for sure it definatley Helps
When you got a First class,AAAA Game like MGS4 Exclusive to the PS3
Key word for the Bots EXCLUSIVE

Just like many more First class,AAA game's that are comming to the PS3
They will all contribute to the Succsess of the PS3

Not like the Xbox
They have 3 eggs and they are all in one Basket
And They are Rotten Eggs

Pain3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

I did NOT buy a PS1/PS2/PS3 for Any game other then Me Wanting to play Games.

I bought Cuz i Wanted it.

I Bought a Xbox for Halo like many other's and ONLY for Halo, Just like MOST bought XBOX 2 just for Halo 3.

I payed $600+ for my 60gig PS3 and Have ZERO regrets.

My PS3 and soon to be 2nd will never be a Second thought unlike my past consoles that just site there...gamecube/xbox/wii....

F$%K i bought Steel Battalion suck on that....why? i wanted it... and it looking good under that cote of Dust~

Lame Articles like this are for 1 shot wonders like the XBOX "Was HALO its Sole Reason for success?" yes.

If u Kids regret Spending your Allowance on something for say '1 game' the u should stop buying things...but if YOU WANT IT the go nuts and stfu..

There Would be More PS3 System sellers like MGS4 if M$ stopped BUYING EXCLUSIVE RIGHT'S TO GAMES..... then ther would be "more reasons' for some to buy...

like the Its Koolz again FF SE games on teh Xbox~

PimpHandHappy3768d ago

will move more systems then Gears of War

devilhunterx3768d ago

True, since many people who buy sequels already have bought the system.

silverchode3768d ago

gears of wars 2 will sell millions of consoles/sarcasm.