Are Top Ten Lists Actually Good for Us?

Why do we all read top ten lists when we hate them so much?

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uth111267d ago

I have ten reasons why, find out what they are by clicking ->HERE!

dcj05241267d ago

You won't believe reason #7!

lovethenoob1267d ago

I personally like top (insert #) lists...i find them entertaining and i dont ever take them at face value..they are after all just people's opinions

Dan_scruggs1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Well lets find out. Here are the top 10 reasons top 10 lists are worthless.

WizzroSupreme1267d ago

They are as long as they'r well-written. They're like anything else: good, bad, or otherwise. Depends on the person writing them.

rainslacker1267d ago

Good ones can be informative or entertaining and get people talking about stuff. They can be ignored should one wish. Only time they're annoying is when the 10 things are spread out over ten pages with more ads on the page than information being presented.

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