Galactic Civilizations III - PC Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

When we previewed Galactic Civilizations III back in September of 2014 we were very excited by what we saw. The return of one of, if not the best space-based strategy title was almost too good to be true. Six-plus months later and Stardock has officially released the civilization simulator in space, Galactic Civilizations III.

During the preview session, and through most of the Early Access for GalCiv III the most noticeable issue was the game's performance. Simply put it was quite poor at times. Some of the larger, more star-abundant maps would run at about 15 FPS on a well-endowed gaming rig. Now that the game has released though, and when I load up a similar map, I saw the framerate drop below 60 once, and that was likely because while playing multiplayer with another contributor here, Pierre-Yves, his game crashed which caused a hiccup on my side.

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