The Witcher 3's Patch 1.05 Not Coming Today; PC Version Might Get PS4 Controller Support and More

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been out in the wild for a while, but CD Projekt RED is still hard at work to refine the snags that have been marring the experience for some. Community Coordinator Marcin Momot keeps giving information on what you can expect.

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aco959d ago

Already using PS4 controller...

SirBillyBones959d ago

Same here. It offers more than native support ever could!

THEDON82z1958d ago

@aco / SirBillyBones

Third that myself been using PS4/ since January. However if you need/want to have more precise setup using profiles for a specific game (particularly if it does not have controller support), I recommend having a companion app called Pinnacle Game Profiler. Having both of these apps (inputmapper and Pinnacle Game Profiler) allows my DS4 to really shine on ALL my game titles I choose for PC.

T900959d ago

PC Performance improvements in the last patch were awesome. I hope we get some more performance improvements.

kraenk12959d ago

Me too...ds4windows though. Although I'd love to see the ps4 prompts on the screen.

Alexander1Nevermind959d ago (Edited 959d ago )

This...Native support would allow for DS4 Icons and the sort without mods. That being said DS4windows works damn near perfect on PC.

njitram2000959d ago

Just you know, inputmapper is the official sequel to ds4windows from the same devs and it's a serious improvement. All you need is the inputmapper install and the official Xbox 360 controller drivers. Give it a try :)

lilmetal958d ago


They're both different forks of the same original project by InhexSTER.
I prefer the simplicity of DS4Windows, though.
InputMapper is more robust, but way more than an average person needs.

Kal-V3959d ago

Not only would i love button prompts but am holding out hope for the up-swipe on the touchpad for quick map access and press and hold for inventory.

I'll shelve my XB1 controller real quick.

terrordactyl958d ago

Up swipe on the pad already opens the map, I do it regularly

Ultra Gamer958d ago

I'm using inputmapper and it works great, but I was wondering if it works with Bluetooth. Anybody tried it?

Kal-V3958d ago

with Bluetooth and DS4tool, it works 100%

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WizzroSupreme959d ago

Well, that's a shame, but a PS4 control would be dandy.

AidenPearce959d ago

It was more or less smooth sailing for me until last night. My PS4 saves are not loading, giving me error CE-34878-0 (PS4). I put in a lot of hours.

EDIT - Finally got a backup save to work, but it's from before the weekend so, I'm losing a lot of progress. -_- Not even gonna play till this patch in case it happens again.

moegooner88959d ago

Me too. Don't they test these updates before rolling them out. Update to fix issues caused by the last update.

bmwfanatic959d ago

I cant play as well stuck on thekkings gambit infinite loading screen bug. I could start a new game but I am 50 hours in already so ill just wait.

Genova84959d ago

I wish we could get yennifer's original look back. She actually looked interesting in the trailers. I find her quite plain in the game.

LamerTamer959d ago

That is the Yennifer downgrade.

KontryBoy706959d ago

LMAO we have been able to use the PS4 controller or whatever type of controller we want to for years. Are they serious lol

Xof958d ago

Does the PS4 even have (official) drivers yet? I gave up on using a DS3 because the (unofficial) drivers would just randomly stop working.

Anyway, I assume "PS4 controller support" simply means the game will recognize a PS-brand controller and display PS button prompts instead of the silly Xbox prompts.

Ultra Gamer958d ago

InputMapper. You're welcome

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