11 Games You Didn't Know Were Based on Books

Novelizations of games are common, but how often does it work the other way around? It turns out more often than you might think.

The increasingly popular Witcher game franchise is widely known as a book adaptation, but it's far from the only example.

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greenmiker1290d ago

its true that I didnt they were based on books some of those games.

WizzroSupreme1290d ago

Wow, didn't know about The Witcher. Wonder if it's where George R.R. Martin got his inspiration. I suppose with Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister) being in the Wither 3, it's all come full-circle.

scark921290d ago

The Witcher books are supposed to be amazing! I would love to check them out!

Viryu1290d ago

They are! It's Poland's true pride XD

Seriously, how could anyone not hear about those? There's a whole saga to read! Even TV series and a movie!

thorstein1290d ago

I have read the Last Wish. I grabbed it when I heard about the original game. I think it might be better in its original native tongue.

The translation is a good story but...I think there might be some nuances lost in translation.

thorstein1290d ago

George RR Martin wrote Game of Thrones in in the 1990s and published in 1996.

The Witcher was written in 1994 but not translated until 2007. It was actually called the Last Wish with the subtitle: Introducing the Witcher.

Therefore, Martin couldn't have been influenced as he can't read the original which is in Polish.

mixelon1290d ago

Lovecraft's stories (as well as Poe's, etc) are so old as to be copyright free, so are easily downloadable in epub/pdf format. :)

So, yeah - if you can't get enough bloodborne you could binge read all of HP Lovecraft's stories, haha. Most are short stories too, so good for little creepy bursts.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1290d ago

Man the misinformation here. A lot of these draw inspiration for certain novelists and books but very few of them are games BASED on books. There's a very important discreptency to be made there.

deadpoolio3161290d ago

So then you don't have a grasp on the fact that based and inspired are pretty much the same thing...ADAPTATION is the word you use when your literally ADAPTING a book

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1289d ago

'Based on' and 'Adapting' are the same thing, however, 'inspired by' is a different thing altogether.