Sony says nothing on 'PSP 3000'

Images have emerged of what's claimed to be an upcoming hardware update for the PSP, sporting new buttons and a built in microphone.

The pics, which cropped up on Chinese forum PSPChina (via Kotaku), show the new 'PSP 3000' shell complete with 'PS button' in place of the old 'home' one and a tiny microphone off to the side.

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i_eatbreakfast4lunch3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

cmon mod, you mean "legit" pics....


anyway, how can this be news if they arent saying anything on it, they arent saying anything on ALOT of things but thats not news!

medicshelley3676d ago

Well I was going to replace my PSP with a PSP lite but maybe I will just hold up a little bit. A no commit from Sony means just wait a month then we will let it out.

Dark vader3676d ago

a no comment from sony mean we are not ready to announce it yet. But i would not be holding my breath.

Owner360-PS33676d ago

I dont trust any pics from china being legit,they are the kings of fake products.

Milky3676d ago

Fake. With the new PSP bundles announced at E3 they will not be making a PSP 3000 for atleast another year.

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