Ubisoft will announce 'several exciting new games' at E3 2015

Ubisoft confirms they will announce a few new games at E3 2015.

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MSBAUSTX1019d ago

No they won't. They will announce some games though. Exciting is relative and has not been the case from Ubersoft lately.

Brotard1019d ago ShowReplies(1)
Benoski1019d ago

I wouldn't really say exciting, to be honest...

When it comes to these announcements, I'm going to expect games like Splinter Cell and possibly Watch Dogs 2...

zsquaresoff1019d ago

Question is how many games they will announce in this years E3, only to delay the game indefinetly to future E3's.

Palitera1019d ago

All of them, except for ctrl c ctrl v annualized franchises?

Relientk771019d ago

Watch Dogs 2 doesn't count, don't want it.

Give us Prince of Persia, Beyond Good and Evil 2

BellePelouse1019d ago

The sands of time series were they last great games imo, still I hope they get their thing straight cause they give a lot of jobs in my city

JWiLL5521019d ago

Montreal I'm assuming?

I believe that was the studio behind the PoP series.

zsquaresoff1019d ago

Yes to Prince of persia, its been far too long since the last game came out.

OhMyGandhi1019d ago

I agree one hundred percent.
In order for Ubisoft to win us over again, they need to show off Beyond Good and Evil 2.

I am also down for a new Prince of Persia. However, I do wish they do it with a proper sequel to the 2008 reimagining, which, I found to be refreshing.

_-EDMIX-_1019d ago

"Watch Dogs 2 doesn't count, don't want it"...because you played it?

We don't know what the game will be like and in gaming, many times, history has shown the second title in a series many times has great improvements over the first entry.

I just can't say what I will want or won't want based on something that is unknown.

Philface1019d ago

Well, keep in mind that it is Ubisoft we are talking about. Chances are high that the games will be pretty bad. I will not let them fool me anymore. It has been some time, since they have actually released something that is worthwile.

twiggytree121019d ago

I for one loved watch dogs and would very much like a 2nd! But you know... Opinions.

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