Infinite Crisis Shutting Down in August

Players will be able to play a little while longer for free before it closes on Steam. The Superman videogame curse continues!

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Digital_Anomaly1295d ago

One day there WILL be a good Supes game. ONE DAY!!

Paulhammer1295d ago

At least it's only a MOBA and not a real game. :P

gangsta_red1295d ago

Wow....was this game even officially out?

I kept seeing new characters added every other week for a good while.

thejigisup1295d ago

Superman video games are in an infinite crisis

WizzroSupreme1295d ago

I can only pray that Rocksteady can throw its weight behind a great Superman game one day.

SarcasticDuck1295d ago

thats too much, probably Superthing will ruin rocksteady's reputation!

Deathdeliverer1295d ago

They did this game all wrong. The abilities did not make sense for the characters a lot of times, there's like 4 variations of the same characters, and the maps were poorly made. Not to mention that graphically it was far behind what we had already been playing. The store is a whole other story. I have not played anymore in over 7 months but with how long things stayed the same for so long prior to that, I doubt much has changed. If you're going to step on the Moba scene with the likes of League of legends, Dota 2, and even to a lesser extent, Heroes of newerth, you have to come out swinging. This was more like slinging dry napkins.