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ThunderPulse1292d ago

I doubt it will be on PS3/360 those are so old now.

BallsEye1292d ago

I'm with you and I don't mean it because of the graphics like most around here. I wan't more possibilities! More sandbox! Only possible on next-gen hardware.

chikane1292d ago

Nice to see company's still support the old (last) gen

Gority1292d ago

How is that a good thing? It keeps the medium from Progressing.

Jason_Plays_PC1291d ago

He was either saying it to get a rise outta people or hes a cheapskate.

Servbot411291d ago

Progressing how? Better graphics is all I've seen from current-gen exclusives, and I can do without a focus on graphics. AI is still just as dumb as ever, if not moreso than previous gens (FEAR still blows most games away). Nothing really has been pushed forward other than polygons.

Hell, just compare Fallout 2 to its successors to see that we've mostly regressed outside of graphics.

Dynasty20211291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Err, consoles keep the medium from progressing.

CDPR seem to be the only developer that will say this out loud.

Oh that's right, because they're not in bed with Sony or MS, nor owned by scum like EA or Ubisoft, being paid to spout positive crap about the new consoles.

Gority1291d ago


Apparently you didn't actually read what CDPR said. They said, The Witcher 3 wouldn't be the same game scale wise, content wise, without consoles. Do consoles in general hold back the medium? Yes and no. Without console sales, people wouldn't be able to make games with the budgets they have. Now, if every console gamer became a PC gamer, then you wouldn't have that problem. But, consoles have benefits over PCs (just like PCs has benefits over consoles), and that will never happen.

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Brotard1292d ago

no. not nice. it seriously affects games! like destiny! bungie needs to drop last gen support and that game will be so much better for it

4Sh0w1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

Edit: Damm, did it again, meant to reply to DirtyPimp below.

No, that's the cost of buy a console dirt cheap, you got a ton of great games to play but you aren't necessarily entitled to new games being developed in 2015 and beyond, that's exactly why NEW HARDWARE is made to progress the industry and do more with the medium, not stagnate to let those who chose to wait forever hold progress back so "the lil kiddies can play too". Excuse my tone, but that's just how I feel.

rainslacker1291d ago

Could you give examples of how it affects games?

Brotard1291d ago


Here is one example and that's just a little thing. It also effected the size of the maps and player count etc.

TedCruzsTaint1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

The last generation lasted way too long, and held back developers for for far too long as is.

This would not be a good thing. I like the idea of dropping $300 - 500 on a box that could last you a decade. That's awesome from a consumer standpoint. But, at the end of the day, it's at the expense of what is otherwise a rapidly evolving medium.


So now all those people who bought a shiny new PC/PS4/One - the same who have been supporting new titles and the advancements the industry has been making - now have to be held back by those who waited a decade to grab one of the last gen consoles?

Yeah. . . that's logical.

user74029311292d ago

I agree, some folks just bought a ps3 and want to play the game too and i think its funny how people are acting like its such a huge deal, you enjoyed fallout 3 on ps3 xbox didnt ya? Let the folks who bought a ps3 do the same.

Elit3Nick1292d ago

Then people with X1/PS4 have to deal with dumbed down gameplay elements. The 360/PS3 are a decade old now, just let them die peacefully

Gority1292d ago

We should still put movies on VHS while we are at it, too.

LackTrue4K1291d ago

If you just bot a ps3/Xbox 360. Then your not a true gamer, and your holding gamers back.

Mr Marvel1292d ago

No, it's very bad to see.

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fattyuk1292d ago Show
the_dark_one1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo . why you never learn, greedy bastards

CaptainObvious8781291d ago

I was really really hyped for F4, but if this is true, my hype levels will immediately and violently fall to almost nil.

Bethesda are really going to piss me off...

2cents1291d ago

so true.

We have been waiting for Fallout for years...

It needs to be the best it can be. Not gimped because of old tech.

In the words of Angry Joe... "Besthesda... if this is true... then you done fu3ked it up!"