One Really, Really Long Assed PSP Game

In an age where 20 hour games are long, Valhalla Knights 2 is an anomaly. It takes between 60 to 80 hours to complete and up to 135 hours if you want to fully complete it. The game was penned by the scenario writer for Final Fantasy XII so it does have a very involving story.

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Gun_Senshi3801d ago

1st day purchase. I love RPGs that take over 80 Hours

gaffyh3801d ago

Yeah me too, I'm definitely picking this game up, it's so much value for money.

KillaManiac3800d ago

Good....need more RPGs for my PSP.

Never regretted one day having a PSP. It's simply awsome.

-Neon-3800d ago

I wish I had the time :'(

PR0F3TA3800d ago

can i ask RPG lovers a question... why do you like playing for over 100+ hours on one game. I mean, i love gaming and i have played my share of RPG's like FF, Persona and even Elder Scrolls, but i have yet to really get into the story enough to finish it.

RealityCheck3800d ago

I think it's all about seeing the story to completion while enjoying the gameplay. If either the story or the gameplay is not to your taste, it's understandable not to finish a game. However if both are good, why would you want to stop before the end?

It's like a TV series. If it's good, people will watch it for 5+ years; if it's not it usually get cancelled after a season or two because people stopped watching it.

Personally, I don't understand people that play multiplayer shooters day after day, month after month, for years. In the end though both sides are just gamers enjoying their games. So it's all good.

lonestarmt3800d ago

agree with the comment above. Seriously if the game is fun what does it matter? Most rpgs you can beat around 40 hours. If you love it and do all the extra content they can get up to 60 hours. Thats whats cool. It makes more sense to me to level your characters to max, see thats all to be seen, get the best weapons to slaughter the last boss, rather shooting other people online over and over for pointless ranks or bragging rights.

PR0F3TA3800d ago

thanx for the replies dudes... +bubbles for the "online shooters" example, it actually made sense

eagle213800d ago

"And no random encounters"!... :)

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The story is too old to be commented.