SMITE’s Squirrel Deity Ratatoskr Is Absolutely Nuts

Hi-Rez Studios today released the adorably deadly Ratatoskr, the most mischievous inhabitant of the Norse World Tree, with the “The Sly Messenger” PC patch for its action MOBA game, SMITE, the online Battleground of the Gods.

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dancerOfDeath1210d ago

Wow, cool Y power, I like it. Will be awesome seeing this guy on the field.

Love the variety of gods in this game. I have been steadily playing more and more of this game since I got Alpha access a month ago. It might be my most played game at this point, I can see why ppl get hooked on these games.

Currently kicking ass with Bastet, myself. Managed to collect enough favor to buy her outright.

urwifeminder1210d ago

Been in the xb1 beta just cant get into this game played it on pc as well fun letting down your team for laughs on pc version but the xb1 version is pretty awful.