Rock Band 4: everything you need to know about backwards compatibility (Mad Catz interview)

Dealspwn: "Rock Band 4 is out this year and we can't wait. Promising a return to form both for the franchise and the genre as a whole, it's set to include an enormous setlist, new instruments and loads of smart new features that focus on the core joy of rocking out with friends.

For many, though, a few important questions still loom over Rock Band 4. "What about our old peripherals? What about our old Guitar Hero peripherals? What about our old DLC?"

Thankfully I was able to sit down with Mad Catz' global PR and Communications Director Alex Verrey, the foremost authority on the matter and a jolly nice chap, to set the record straight at a preview event yesterday."

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bggriffiths1293d ago

Loving how you can use your old equipment with this.

Blues Cowboy1293d ago

Yeah, though PS4 owners have an easier time of it!