Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Review - "Ein Hotdog!" [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn: As per The New Oder, Machine Games have nailed the fun gameplay elements and also included some memorable cutscenes filled with tense moments and delightfully over the top evil Nazi characters. The fact they've been able to replicate the fun of their last game for another 5-6 hours for a fraction of the price is highly encouraging for their future. Unsurprisingly, I'm hoping that's going to involve more of B.J Blazkowicz's adventures. I think it's also worth pointing out that there hasn't been a single patch for the game as there are no performance issues at all, which is unheard of today as there's usually a 1.01 waiting for you around launch. Guess they just nailed this one first time.

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Blues Cowboy1239d ago

Hard to quibble with the value. Feels like a proper old-school expansion pack, which are hard to come by these days!

TheImprobableMulk1239d ago

Yeah, really going to need to get hold of this ASAP.

bggriffiths1239d ago

Can't believe how cheap this was at launch and now. WTF are you playing at Bungie re: Destiny?