The Witcher 3, Sexism and Experience Taking

There is sexism in The Witcher 3, and that is not a bad thing. In fact, the sexism present in The Witcher 3 may contribute to less actual sexism in the real world.

Firstly, I should clarify. Sexism being present in Witcher 3 does not mean that the game itself is sexist. The setting is one where prejudice and hatred are as abundant as air. It is a grim and hopeless world, so it will obviously depict some unsavory individuals with opinions that we might find crude and repulsive. However, that is all this game is doing: depicting, not endorsing.

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gamey1266d ago

At least we should acknowledge through our modern lens that these things are bad. They are relevant because they still exist in our society (though most empathetic people don't subscribe to them) and they are worth discussing. Witcher 3 still rocks and I love it, I have a slightly different opinion (a good one) and don't downvote me, bro.

WhiteGamerInc1266d ago

Downvotes for you. Downvotes EVERYWHERE!

gamey1266d ago

Way to use the words, big guy! As always, I'm here to PM if you actually give a shee*t.