Massive Chalice Review - Some Double Fine Quirkiness and a Little 'Game of Thrones' for Flavor | COG

COG writes - Double Fine has always been know for injecting a certain amount of bizarre quirkiness into their games. Now pepper in some 'Game of Thrones' built on an XCOM style turn-based gameplay mechanic and you've got Massive Chalice.

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MSBAUSTX1289d ago

Very cool. I downloaded this today but haven't played it yet. I am looking forward to trying it out if I can pry myself away from Splatoon.

3-4-51289d ago

Going to try it out today.

Was waiting for it to drop in price via STEAM Summer Sale, but you can't beat Free.

I think one of the coolest aspects if the continuation of the family blooodlines by passing down traits to offspring and what not.

Haven't played a tactics game in about a year...last was Disgaea 4.

MSBAUSTX1289d ago

I actually plugged in the old PS1 over the weekend and started playing FFT again. So I have tactics games on the mind right now.

Paulhammer1289d ago

Interesting stuff, curious to see what Double Fine's take on strategy looks like.

WizzroSupreme1289d ago

I always like me some Double Fine, so I might check this out.