No Level Cap confirmed for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

GearNuke writes: "The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is a huge game and many players have been wondering for a while now if it had a level cap."

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SeanScythe1291d ago

Awesome wish more games did this.

Magicite1291d ago

I dont recall any single player game that wouldnt have level cap.

Transporter471291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

What?? Not sure if trolling or actually stupid.

Dinkis1291d ago

Oblivion? Not sure tho

Dasteru1291d ago

Two Worlds 1 didn't have a level cap.

Dasteru1291d ago


Oblivion didn't technically have a level cap as far as i know but it was artificially limited due to the combat level being based on skill levels and skills having a max level of 100. Once all skills were maxed, you could no longer gain combat levels. It ended up being like 50 or 60.

DarXyde1291d ago


What? Kingdom Hearts caps at level 100.

Disgaea, if I recall, didn't have one.

SilverClock1290d ago

@DarkXyde KH caps at 99! Got it memorized? :D

Dasteru1290d ago


Ni No Kuni has level caps. The human characters are capped at 99 and familiars have varying caps between 5 and 99.

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robtion1291d ago

Seems kind of pointless unless they add NG+ though doesn't it?

Lord_Sloth1290d ago

Was just gonna say this. More games should implement this feature really. It doesn't effect anybody's experience in a negative way. If you don't like NG+ then just don't use it but for those of us that do it should be there unless there's infinite quests or a way to replay levels in general.

Otherwise you're sitting there with a high level character and absolutely nothing at all to do.

LordDhampire1291d ago

Why anyone played two worlds long enough to find out is beyond me.

2cents1290d ago

Ahhh hahahahahah...
just what I was thinking sir.

showtimefolks1290d ago

its like daily we learn something awesome about witcher 3

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BigBosss1291d ago

No level cap? Dayummmm. Gonna be playing this game for a while haha and with Elder Scrolls Online coming out in a week, gonna be stuck in my house for a very long time LOL

zeuanimals1291d ago

I think it's gonna be harder than you can even imagine to get to 100. How much XP you get from enemies scales depending on what level you are and enemies don't scale with you other than guards (who are always atleast 10 levels higher than you).

Say, if you just started and you're level 1, a level 5 enemy could give you 30 XP. If you become level 5 and fight that same level 5 enemy, it might give you 10 XP now. When you get to level 10, the enemy might give you 1 XP. I don't know if the minimum XP cap for killing enemies and monsters is 1 or if you stop gaining XP if you're killing something far below your level, but it's possible. Guards also don't give much XP even though they're always something like 10 levels above you.

You're gonna run out of side quests, contracts, and high level normal enemies and monsters to kill, then you'll reach an artificial level cap from being as high a level as the game will let you be.

nucky641290d ago

yea - I'm running into that. I've hit level 37 and you have to keep exploring for people to offer "hidden" missions. and these don't produce huge xp due to many of the enemies are much lower than me. fighting the guards isn't a big payoff - and, they can be very tough because they're usually in groups and losing the fight means losing half your just isn't worth it. it's much better to grind on all of the enemies that roam the countryside.
what keeps me going now is finding high-level sword blueprints. the 2 I'm using now (both require being at least lvl 37) I found in a worthless looking building that had nothing to do with any missions in the game. some I found while doing missions though. I currently have around 6 more blueprints for swords that require lvl 42 - 47 to use. I'm still hoping to find some spectacular high level armor. currently I'm using a lvl 36 medium has the highest armor score of any type armor that I've found in the game.

RedDevils1290d ago

That is when DLC come in

TedCruzsTaint1291d ago

You're actually going to give ES Online the time of day? There are better alternatives, my friend.

Eterna1Ice1291d ago

Our great grandsons will finish the job for us.

TheJacksonRGN1291d ago

Odd, the guide goes all the way up to 70 or so.

GusBricker1291d ago

I'm level 35 with only the horse racing to go, plus about 50 or so "?" for Skellige, I honestly can't see myself even getting to level 40 before an expansion comes out.

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