Adding More Teams to FIFA is Simply Not Good Enough

Sean Halliday of Ready-Up looks at the alarming trend of EA never addressing the issues in FIFA but instead adding more filler content:

''The addition of women’s national teams to FIFA 16 has oddly resulted in a lot of people becoming suddenly happy to praise EA. Why is it odd? Simply put, EA covered women’s sports with their UFC title, but this was pretty much ignored.The addition of women’s football shouldn’t be a shock to people who actually bother to follow the sport, even more so given the dramatic increase in coverage it’s received in recent years. But simply adding more teams is not enough to fix the slowly sinking FIFA ship.''

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WilDRangeRfc1266d ago

Scripted gameplay that means skilled players can lose to people with less skill,host advantage,shitty EA servers,unresponsive AI,not buying Fifa again until they sort their shit out,how can EA have such bad servers???
Traded in Fifa 15 for PES 15 and it was a great decision.
Got tired of 9 year olds dribbling from half way line with Cristiano Ronaldo,beating all my players and scoring,the defending in the game is terrible.
And I was top 40,000 in the world out of 447,000 people so it is not that I am bad at the game I am very good.
PES requires skilled build up play where you cannot always go forward every pass,it requires of thinking ahead to your next one or two moves,the passing and shooting are way more responsive and accurate,plainly put Fifa is trash

demonicale1266d ago

I found pes to lack atmosphere and i really hated the lack of proper teams and player names.

Nes_Daze1266d ago

^ This is why I haven't gone to PES yet, if it had these things plus a bit more, I'd certainly switch over, EA seems to be more concerned about being cute and looking nice than actually producing a quality product.

pompombrum1266d ago

I'm envious, I really wished I could get back into PES. The scripted/momentum gameplay has pretty much all but killed my enthusiasm for online play in Fifa which just leaves me with a fairly dull Career mode to play. Hopefully Konami really swing for the fences this year and deliver a quality PES experience as I'd love nothing more than to ditch Fifa for it.

3-4-51266d ago

Playing sports games online is never a good way to judge a game.

Fifa 15 in offline Franchise mode is fine, and I'm assuming Fifa 16 will be better.

pompombrum1266d ago

The scripted/momentum stuff exists in both offline and online play. On professional difficulty, I can actually fairly accurately guess when the computer is likely to score.

jukins1266d ago

Sounds like you need to stop playing with popular 5 star teams and try some lower level teams. I mean if you keep playing against those superstars you're gonna keep getting the same results regardless if it's cheap or not. Learned this year's ago not to mention it's much funner when there's no god mode player on the pitch

WilDRangeRfc1258d ago

It happens with all teams,one time you could play Bolton v Cardiff and Bolton win every 50/50 tackle,every header and can spray the ball around for fun,the next time with same teams it could be the very opposite,scripted unbalanced play mate and I have had enough of it.

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chrisx1266d ago

buggy gameplay, scripted gameplay where u see the likes of messi outjumping john terry for a header and scoring and online issues.these are what ea should be working on. the game is already bloated with way too much teams that nobody ever touches. looking forward to pro evo

Psychotica1266d ago

Like Madden they screw everything up with that Ultimate Team crap. All I want is a simple season mode, select a team, play a schedule and try to win a championship.

DillyDilly1266d ago

Imagine the nude mods on PC

Speak_da_Truth1266d ago

WildRangeRfc you said i all man adding more teams mean nothing if they don't improve the game. Even the graphics looks meh!!!

WilDRangeRfc1258d ago

Yeah I know try PES 15 mate much better game,vote with your wallet pal

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