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Eurogamer: "It's been almost a year since we had a proper chat with SCEE boss David Reeves, and a lot's gone on. PS3 has apparently overtaken Xbox 360 in Europe ("We know what the figures are," says Reeves, no doubt aware of Microsoft's response), and just prior to our discussion at E3 Reeves announced that the 80GB PS3 would launch in Europe on 27th August for GBP 299 / EUR 399.

However, the intervening period has also seen the cancellation of Eight Days and The Getaway, repeated delays for the ambitious multi-user Sony-world of PlayStation Home, the exit of Phil Harrison as head of Worldwide Studios, and Microsoft declaring it will win the entire console war - something it believes is backed up by its success with Xbox Live, Grand Theft Auto IV and key third-party exclusives.

Naturally then, we asked Reeves about much of that as we stood by a pool in Santa Monica sipping Sony beer. Read on to find out what Sony is doing for European gamers, what aeroplanes and swords have to do with the console war, and why Reeves says Microsoft should stick LittleBigPlanet in Powerpoint."

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PirateThom3794d ago

"Sony beer"

Maybe it'll stop Eurogamer from sipping so much of the Microsoft Kool-Aid...

PirateThom3794d ago

"Eurogamer: And LittleBigPlanet's definitely on for October? Obviously you had it doing the graphs in the conference yesterday.

David Reeves: Yep. We thought we might sell it to Microsoft to put it in Powerpoint.


It's a way to do it, isn't it? You never know. It's the kind of crazy thing that Microsoft might say, "Yeah okay Sony, we'll do that." Considering how much we pay for all the stuff we put onto Vaios for them."

It's pretty funny that Microsoft and Sony are laughing all the way to the bank at our expense.

gambare3794d ago

Business are business

It's all about money, and it wouldn't be a surprise that Sony and Microsoft had some kind of deals under the table and this "console war" stuff be a veil to cover their deals.

It's just a thought

AllseeingEye3794d ago

They arent twisting your arm and making you buy their consoles.

deeznuts3794d ago

At our expense? Cuz we want to buy laptops and play games? You can always bust out the chalk and play some hopscotch if you don't want to pay them.

Wildarmsjecht3794d ago

And that right there is how you have an interview without feeling the need to badmouth your competitors, instead giving props to them. Certain PR folks need to take a lesson from this guy.

supahbad3794d ago

yup it was a good interview

The Wood3794d ago

i just prefer humility and keeping the oppositions name out of your mouths over downplay and put downs

GametimeUK3794d ago

No point... they are doing NOTHING!!!! SCEE SUCKS!!!

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