Sony Admits First-Party Lineup “a little sparse” - Roundtable Discussion (GTR)

This week on Gamertag Radio: Announcement - Gamertag Radio is an Academy of Podcasters Awards 2015 Finalist, Sony Admits 1st Party PS4 Games in 2015 Are “a Little Sparse;” Xbox Support Page Leaks New Xbox One Controller, Oculus CEO: The headset and computer to run it will cost you $1,500, The Witcher 3 review & Fan mail.

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D-riders1290d ago

messiah, I think your missing out on some games then because I have plenty of games. sucks your friends didn't like bloodbourne, but FPG don't come out all that often. a good year is usually 3 to 4 sony haad 6 planned 5 making it this year. if your not happy with that. then that sucks because Nintendo is the only company that really releases more that 4 FPG in a fiscal year. so im confused what you are looking for from your system.

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Christopher1290d ago

Running with that headline for the clicks, I see.

Sony said their HOliday was sparse for first party, not their overall lineup. Microsoft could say the exact same about the first few months of this year. Somehow being sparse at Holiday suddenly means you don't make or provide games at the same level as your competition on an annual basis?

BlackTar1871290d ago

HOLIDAY HOLIDAY HOLIDAY is all that matters.

MasterCornholio1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Basically that's what Sony said. No idea why the press is trying to spin that. In terms of 3rd parties there's no way that Sonys lineup is sparse.

How do we fail an article?

rainslacker1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

"No idea why the press is trying to spin that"

Really? No idea why?

To report an already approved aritcle, you click the gears icon on the article thumbnail, click report, then give a reason for why you don't think it meets the criteria for submission(Lame is one of the reasons), then give a brief description of why you think it should fail.

Opinion pieces can be hard to fail. I would like them to put in an option for "misrepresented facts" which could encompass misquotes used for hits. Since N4G seems to be a place many hackneyed websites will use for hits, maybe it'll help clean up their headlines and take the time to write better articles. Probably won't happen though as that means we would probably only have 2-3 articles a day.

uth111290d ago

Remember that The Order and Bloodborne are not first-party games, and neither is the upcoming Until Dawn.

"First party" are games developed by Sony studios, not co-developed with outside studios. Yes, that lineup has been sparse. When was the last time a first party game was even announced? LBP 3? We know these studios are all working on something but they've been rather quiet.

rainslacker1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

There was drawn to death and Tearway. not too long ago they announced GOW3 remaster.

For the most part, both sides seem willing to accept 2nd party games as 1st party games when they start off as console maker published(SO, BB, TO, Bayonetta, Scalebound, etc) and not brought after the fact(TF or ROTTR).

I don't know if trying to break the distinction down any more is going to really make this whole debate go away, or make it be more palatable. Really no matter how you want to twist the numbers, Sony still comes out ahead. MS comes out ahead for the holidays. Numerous examples have been given by Sony fans of why the numbers always work in Sony's favor, but all the examples from Xbox fans always leave out games and make the criteria so absurdly stupid it makes it pointless, and even then, they leave out games to win their own argument.

uth111290d ago

@Rainslacker- Even 'Drawn to Death' is technically an indie studio, isn't it?

Consumers care about exclusives, especially AAA exclusives. It doesn't matter much if they are 1st party, 2nd party or 3rd party exclusives.

But House was talking specifically about the Sony-owned 1st party games. He's right, they have been sparse. Hopefully this E3 we finally get to see what some of them have been up to

rainslacker1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Not sure since it seems the definition of 1st party has changed this gen.

David Jaffe is now an independent developer, however the game is also being co-developed by SCE San Diego. The IP and trademark are owned by Sony, and Sony is producing and publishing the game. Until this gen, that has been considered 1st party. Some merit could be given to it being 2nd party, but that just depends on what people define as 1st party nowadays.

I'm not sure if DTD falls into what House was speaking of, as I don't know if it's being released this year, but it was a game(which I consider 1st party) being announced since LBP3.

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Christopher1290d ago

***Chris the headline says 1st party clearly lol.***

But it doesn't say "Holiday season" which is what sony said. They didn't say their whole year. They said the upcoming Holiday season.

***Also jalvas comment was factually correct which rubbed you the wrong haha. ***

You assume I'm the only moderator on this site. That wasn't me.

***Remember that The Order and Bloodborne are not first-party games, and neither is the upcoming Until Dawn. ***

Man, we should really keep moving those goal posts. It's no longer about exclusives, it's now all about 1st-party exclusives that determines who's providing what.

But, even then, my statement still remains. The comment was that they said the entirety of the first party lineup is sparse, when Sony only mentioned the Holiday Season as being sparse and only for first-party studios.

jetlian1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Sony didnt have to say whole year were almost half done aLready.

And even though you didnt agree with uth11, BB and the order arent 1st party same with persona and disgae.heck gribblegrunger made sony look worse.

So your moving the goal post. So saying holiday or 2015 is factual at this point.

As for the mod thing you responded first to me and jalva which makes you suspect

Christopher1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

***Sony didnt have to say whole year were almost half done aLready.

That makes no sense since Holiday is only two months and not the whole year or the upcoming 6 months. You do have to say the HOlidays otherwise it gives the impression that the entirety of their future lineup is sparse.

***So your moving the goal post. So saying holiday or 2015 is factual at this point. ***

I didn't say it wasn't factual. Moving goal posts doesn't change facts, it just changes the set of data you wish to use to prove your own agenda.

Example: PS4 has more games. Oh, but XBO has more first party exclusives. No, actually, they're tied. Well, XBO has more first party exclusives coming out for two specific months out of the whole year.

You see, your argument keeps getting refuted until you reach a point where the data set is pointless to argue just to win some stupid argument.

jetlian1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Your the one moving the goal post cause your argument was refuted. Ill break it down for you since your confusing yourself. Heres a timeline

Chris 1st comment'sony said their holiday sparse for 1st party not the overall line could say same thing for early months.being sparse at holiday means you dont provide as much annually?

Uth11' the order,bloodborne, and until dawn not 1st party!

Jetlian' the headline says 1st party clearly'

Chris' but it doesnt say holiday season.they didnt say the whole we should really keep moving these goal post. Its no longer about exclusive but 1st party exclusive'

at this point he lost and knew it. that why he was sarcastic about goal posts.

Take away those game what are these year round 1st party games? mlb then what? 4 remasters? 5 month are gone and 2 months sony admits, what is there in the 5 months left CHRIS?

We know june,july and august theres nothing your down to 2 months. Really next to nothing ships in dec so your really a 1 month.

I think you took holiday shopping season to be the same as holiday game release season sept-nov, 3 months.

So really your at 0 months

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Debaitable1290d ago

Meanwhile gamers go crazy for remasters to help fuel the lack of original titles for current consoles. Feels like I own ps3.5

xHeavYx1290d ago

Yeah, because the amount of remastered games is bigger than the amount of new releases...
At least do some researching before trolling.

Imalwaysright1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

At least read his comment before replying to him and accusing him of being a troll.

xHeavYx1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

I did read his comment saying that there are too many remastered games and that there is a lack of original titles, both statements are wrong. Go read a book.

"This generation that just started lacks of original games"
Are you a detective or something?

Imalwaysright1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

So you know how to read! He didn't say that there were more remastered games than original games did he?

Also, I agree 100% with him when he says that there is a lack of original titles this generation. I'm not going to say that there aren't great games this generation but I'm going to say that I'm still waiting for a game that truly defines the 8th generation.

EDIT It's been 1.5 years and all I hear from devs is: "fish AI", "chest hair" and of course the 8th generation buzzwords "1080p/60 FPS" so yeah I'm not holding my breath on a game that truly defines the 8th generation any time soon.

BlackTar1871290d ago

Lucky for me my 8th gen masterpiece was Bloodbourne. Follow it up with Halo 5 and MGS. I'm doing perfectly fine. How many gems have been released at the start of console cycles anyways?

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