Rock Band 4 interview: Mad Catz's Alex Verrey on Harmonix, innovation, VR and Guitar Hero Live

It has been five years since the last Rock Band title was released, signalling the end of peripheral-led rhythm action games... for a few years at least. In 2015, with a new generation of hardware in the form of PS4 and Xbox One in public hands, both Rock Band and rival series Guitar Hero are tuning up for a comeback.

Both series were created by Harmonix, who left the Guitar Hero license with Activision when they went off to make Rock Band with EA. They now return more free than ever, publishing Rock Band 4 themselves with help from peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz.

Rock Band 4 will be the only Rock Band title for this console cycle, and will make available all the previous games' downloadable tracks for no additional cost to those who bought them before. At a preview event in London, IBTimes UK spoke to Mad Catz's global PR director Alex Verrey about what to expect.

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